Microsoft adds photo timeline feature and more to SkyDrive

Earlier this month, Microsoft proudly announced that over 250 million people had signed up to use its SkyDrive cloud data storage service. Today, the company revealed it would be adding some new features to SkyDrive that will be rolled out over the next couple of days.

The official SkyDrive blog has a list of the new changes, including a photo timeline feature. It will allow SkyDrive users to view photos not only based on the time they were taken but also which event the photos were taken. The blog states:

Take 20 pictures at a birthday party with your phone, and then a photo of your parking spot at the airport a few hours later? Now they'll appear as two different groups in the timeline.

The new feature will let users navigate to a specific month on the photo timeline by clicking on the month's name. Photos can also be checked out in a slideshow mode in SkyDrive's filmstrip view.

Microsoft also says it has made some client and server improvements to the SkyDrive desktop app in terms of upload speeds. The company says that with the changes it has made " ... we’ve seen a 2-3x improvement in upload times for photos."

Finally, SkyDrive users can check out a new layout for SkyDrive thumbnails, along with adding thumbnail support for Word and PowerPoint files. Last week, Microsoft announced all Windows Phone 8 device owners worldwide can now back up full resolution pictures and videos to their SkyDrive account.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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What bothers me about this is "All photos" will assume all image files are photos, and you don't necessarily want something like design mockups mixed up with your photos in a timeline view.

Enron said,
Yeah it should let us designate "documents" folders and "photos" folders to keep that stuff separate.

Sure, but I could see a reason to want to view documents by timeline also. My preference would be to see a timeline view for any selected folder (inclusive of the subfolders). I don't get "All photos".

They could also bring KIN Studio (or how was it called again?) style timeline, with map and actual timeline.

Cool. I'm hoping with Blue they add true carbonite style backups of stuff. Would happily pay for that. Seems like the settings are there for it so I'm hoping that's what happens!