Microsoft adds Tell Me feature to PowerPoint Online

Earlier this year, Microsoft added the Tell Me feature to the free Word Online and Excel Online web-based apps, part of the Office Online suite. Starting this week, PowerPoint Online can also access Tell Me for the first time in a new update to the app.

Microsoft went into more detail about how Tell Me assists users of all three apps in a new blog post and also in a video clip on YouTube. In basic terms, it is a advanced version of "help" which allows users to find commands with more natural language. The blog states:

When you start typing in the Tell Me box, you don’t have to stop and try to remember what something is called officially in the app. Whether you type “insert picture,” “new image,” “add pic,” or just pic,” Tell Me has your back and will display the Insert Picture command.

Tell Me uses "word-wheeling" so that users can start seeing results as soon as they start typing and it can also show any command that has been used recently. Microsoft says they have also added a new keyboard command for Office Online apps,  CTRL + ‘ (apostrophe), that lets users quickly get to the Tell Me box so they can start typing in command.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Welcome to the start of the 'humane interface', first envisioned by the great Jef Raskin in the 80s.

What a surprise - who thought that after all these years that Microsoft would adapt this (after being put on the shelf for so long)...

For those who don't understand the above:
'Tell Me' is another example of Microsoft taking a brilliant concept and making it even better. (They didn't exactly invent it.)

On another note, I wish it were possible to strike-through text in Excel Online. Ctrl+5 'isn't supported'. :(

Love it! Love the rapid updates. I hope they bring the Tell Me feature to the Office suite as well. But at work we use Office Online quite a bit, so this will be awesome.