Microsoft adds way to buy domains via Go Daddy from within Office 365

If your business uses Office 365 and it needs to quickly purchase a new domain name, Microsoft has just announced a new way it can do that directly from the software. In a blog post, Microsoft says it has partnered with Go Daddy to add this feature to Office 365.

Microsoft states that the process is pretty simple. Just click on "Buy a domain" from within Office 365 and a wizard launches that lets users search to see if that domain is available. If it is, they can purchase that domain via Go Daddy from the wizard. The blog states:

Your Go Daddy purchase is integrated with Office 365, so completing your purchase is fast and convenient.  Once the purchase is complete, the Go Daddy DNS records are updated on your behalf for use with Office 365, so you can begin using your custom domain name for your email addresses and website right away.

If an Office 365 business has already bought a domain name from Go Daddy, they can click on the "Add a domain" option so that it can then be maintained and billed from within the software.

Go Daddy remains the largest domain name registration company. While it has gained much of its fame from its previous TV commercials featuring women in various forms of undress, Go Daddy recently launched an all new series of TV ads that center on small business and features the moves, and the splits, of 80s movie action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I'm not seeing that option on my Office 365 admin dashboard but it seems me that "you will complete your purchase at" means you're still stuck with their web interface.

This is pretty neat. I agree with the above, the GoDaddy interface is just horrible... so this is wonderful news that you can register through Office.

GoDaddy has been my registrar of choice for many years. Since their web interface, as already mentioned, is horrendous, I just call them to make changes. The employees have always been very helpful on the phone, more than most companies.

I wonder what Microsoft gets out of this deal with GoDaddy? Time will tell.

remixedcat said,
Yuck they should have picked Namecheap or Dotster... Nodaddy? of all the registrars? Nobody wants it.

Go Daddy is the largest registrar. They're crap, yes but saying that "nobody wants it" is a bit of a strech

-adrian- said,
Didn't they get hacked recently?
Neither Godaddy or Office 365 that I know of... Maybe you're thinking of Network Solutions which was taken out by a DDoS iirc.

It's not just becoming - it is a platform of itself. It's a big confusing though because Office 365 Home Premium is considerably different than Office 365 for business.