Microsoft: Aero Glass is the final UI for Windows Vista

Back in 2001 Microsoft's early betas of Windows XP contained a user interface dubbed "Watercolor".  But only months before the operating system shipped Microsoft completely replaced it with an entirely different look and feel called "Luna" which became known as "Windows XP Style".


That move has created speculation that current Windows Vista look and feel, called Aero glass, would be replaced by a different look and feel later in the beta process.


However, this week's 
podcast has an interview with Microsoft developers who have confirmed that there will be no major change to the look and feel of Windows Vista from what is being shown in build 5270.  In other words, Aero-Glass is it.


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The black tones are not going to appeal to the general public. They would definitely benefit from, at least, adding a white tinted variation.

I do like the GUI, and I like the scalibility of it, but I dislike the amount of transparency still going on. This isn't going to be as easy to distinguish between active and inactive windows for some people. I think if they toned down the transparency and stop using it [b]just because they can[/b], then it would look a lot better, be a lot more usable and a lot slicker.

As it stands it's also a novelty that will soon tire when you're using it 8 hours a day. Tone it down, yes it looks pretty but I don't like using it too long.

Took apple a few years to get aqua to look right, who remembers how pinstriped it was. I'll give ms a year or two to fine tune it, might not look that bad as it does now. Time will tell.