Microsoft ahead of Facebook in favorable impressions

Facebook may be the hot tech company of the moment and just days away from its IPO launch but Facebook still lags behind Microsoft in terms of its overall favorable impression. A new survey from CNBC and the Associated Press reports that 51 percent of people who were contacted had a favorable impression of Facebook.

However, Microsoft, Google and Apple each had a 71 percent favorable impression rating. Twitter was much lower than all those companies; it only had a 27 percent favorable impression rating.

The same survey said that 51 percent of the people who were polled believe buying Facebook stock would be a good investment and 31 percent don't think purchasing stock in Facebook would be a good move. When asked if the company will continue to be successful, 46 percent said Facebook would fade while 43 percent say it will be successful in the long term.

56 percent of those who were surveyed said they have a Facebook page and 3 out of 10 people say they use Facebook every day. However, 59 percent of people don't trust Facebook with being able to protect their private information.

54 percent also don't feel safe in terms of purchasing goods or services via Facebook and 83 percent of the people who were surveyed claim to have never or hardly ever click on an ad on Facebook.

Image via CNBC/AP

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What do these metrics even mean?

Anyway, I find whoever produced the graph "unfavourable" as they do not seem to be able to spell "neither".

After the state Facebook has ended up in with the horrid Timeline, bloated UI, and the buggy bloated crashy excuse of an iOS and Android app I'm not surprised Microsoft's ahead. Even Hotmail's UI is better than GMail, even if HM's spam filtering isn't as good.

I think it is interesting how many people find Twitter unfavorable. I suppose unfavorable could mean anything, but I find that Twitter is the most honest out of the bunch. They just have the clearest privacy policy in that: if you use Twitter you have no expectation of privacy. I think that Facebook tries to make people feel like they have more privacy than they actually do.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google are all in the same category of corporations that will do what it takes to make a buck. Sometimes they are evil, sometimes they are neutral. Rarely are they 'good' except for in the products that they make.

neufuse said,
So MS is even ahead of Apple by a whole 1% neutral or higher rating? intresting

Probably tied within the margin of error though. BUT WE MS FANBOYS TRY.

mrpakiman said,
Google, Microsoft and Apple all have about the same satisfaction rates.

I'm sure if error bands were included you could say they are essentially all the same figure.