Microsoft and Apple Extend Font Licensing Agreement

At TypeCon2007 today, Microsoft Corp. and Apple announced they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Apple users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft® Windows® core fonts. Under the agreement, Apple and Microsoft are extending the seamless Web and software experience Apple users have enjoyed for years when using and viewing popular Microsoft fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana®. Apple customers, developers and Web designers can safely specify fonts knowing that their documents, presentations and Web pages will appear as they are meant to be seen on screen and in print.

View: Microsoft Press Release

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If only Linux distro could have that same agreement, maybe web page could finaly look good...

Web browsing with FireFox with Ubuntu or any other distro can make lots of page look weird.

Go MS and Apple, at least they know how to make stuff look good.

or you could hack and rename as Arial and use without licensing. ;-)

The same can do Apple, taking MS Sans Serif, giving some cosmetic changes and rebranding as iSan Serif.

Apple and Microsoft actually worked together to produce the TrueType font standard, this is just an agreement pertaining to certain important fonts that Microsoft owns and FYI Apple and Microsoft put out the exact same statement.

Humn... I don't think they included any of the new Windows Vista fonts... too bad, currently I specify them on webpages with alternates.

Can you feel the unnatural love?

It's as though a hundred rabid Mac fans just cried out "nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

dangel said,
It's as though a hundred rabid Mac fans just cried out "nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Don't think they would since they are renewing the agreement, makes sense since Office 2008 for OS X is being made.