Microsoft and Best Buy now selling original 128GB Surface Pro for just $599

We may have started a new year but the search to buy a new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet from Microsoft continues to be challenging. For example, the only model that's available to buy from the Microsoft Store site is the 512GB Surface Pro 2 at $1,799; all of the other second generation Surface tablets are still sold out.

However, if you want to get the original Surface Pro at a much cheaper price, Microsoft is offering a sale that cuts the 128GB model down to just $599, compared to its normal $899 price. The sale is live now at Microsoft's online store (and yes, it is in stock) and the same price for the tablet is available on Best Buy's website.

Just a reminder: Inside the 10.6 inch Surface Pro there's a third generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and a display with a resolution of 1920x1080, along with a stylus. The original Surface Pro is compatible with the new Type and Touch Cover 2 accessories that launched in October with the new Surface tablets. It will also work with the Power Cover that's due out later in 2014 that should extend the Surface Pro's battery life by a considerable amount.

Source: Microsoft Store and Best Buy | Image via Microsoft

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I love my Surface Pro...I use the pen input much more often than I thought I would. Would much rather have paid this little of a price, but I did get mine day one last year. This gives me hope for next year when I will be able to upgrade mine to the Surface Pro 2 for $600-$700. I've got the dock and the keyboards, so I don't need any accessories. Maybe the goal is to now stay a version/year 5 year old MacBook Pro still rocks and it is just a Core 2 Duo.

Don't forget, you still need to pony up another $120-$130 for a keyboard. At least you can now get them back-lit.

JHBrown said,
$499 and I'll think about it. At $599 I'd rather pony up another $399 and get the real deal.

Can you even get an ultrabook with these specs for $599? Let alone cramming it all in a tablet form factor...

Damn, I should have waited. I payed almost double that just 11 months ago haha. Great device though, I love it.

I think MS would be wise to keep producing and promoting the Surface Pro 1. It could be great for businesses that find the Pro 2 too expensive. this is tempting...

If I bite on this, that means my purchase of a PS4 will have to go on a waiting period. Which kinda works, the Surface will go back up in price, the Ps4 will still be $400 when I pick it up...

Well time to hit up Best Buy...