Microsoft and Bing launch updated Photosynth iOS app

In April 2011, Microsoft's Bing division released the Photosynth app for iOS devices. The app allowed users to take a number of photographs of the same area and then merge them together to form one panoramic image. This week, Microsoft released a major new update for the app, again for iOS products like the iPad and iPhone.

In a post on Bing's blog, Microsoft says it has made a number of performance improvements to the app. The new version of Photosynth also has Twitter integration, which allows people to show off their new panorama photos with others via their Twitter account. The blog site also said that since its launch, the app has been downloaded over six million times.

Otherwise, the Photosynth app works as advertised to allow users to quickly create panoramic photos and share them with others via the app's official web site or with services like Twitter, Facebook and Bing Maps.

Of course, the big question is, "When will Photosynth show up for Windows Phone-based devices?" A few weeks ago, there were indications that a Windows Phone version of Photosynth was in fact in development but so far Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny these reports.

Image via Microsoft

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Where the **** is my native OS support. Sorry for the language, but it's really beginning to **** me off. Skype also took way too long. I feel like MS is now run by Valve and Blizzard.

It's like this whole article was written simply to ask the question in the final paragraph. Really doesn't seem like it should be front page material.

could microsoft be possibly be waiting to integrate this directly into the camera app in the next bit update? That is the only reason I could see them holding off kind of like they did with Windows Live Messenger app..