Microsoft and celebrates MythBusters' 10th anniversary

MythBusters is a TV show that both tries to teach about science and engineering while also, on occasion, blowing stuff up. This year, the show celebrates its 10th anniversary on the Discovery Channel and Microsoft is helping with that effort with a new video clip that also promotes the email service.

The clip, posted on YouTube, has members of the MythBusters "Build Team" using to look back at some of their most memorable moments over the past 10 years. Grant Imahara writes about how the "beer goggles" segment was a fun one as the team tried to find out if drinking lots of beer actually made people look more attractive than they really are.

Another favorite segment was whether or not a working cannon could be built out of duct tape (spoiler alert: it can). However, it looks like the top favorite was when the team made their own hovercraft. Naturally, the build team is also using Microsoft Surface tablets to access during the clip.

By the way, the 10th anniversary season of MythBusters begins on Wednesday, May 1st and this episode has the team trying once again to launch a JATO Rocket Car, in a new version of the first ever MythBusters experiment.

Source: on YouTube

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I like the concept of MythBusters, but it seems like every time I've watched the program, they're testing myths that are utterly pointless and I have zero interest in. I mean, how many fire truck hoses does it take to lift a car? Come on. I would like to see them bust myths that lots of people are actually touting and profiting from.

Now Penn & Teller: bull****! - that was an awesome program. And hilarious, too.

later tonight we will hear on the news they shot a MS surface tablet through someone's house.....

the funny thing watching that is the fact that Grant always seemed to be on Apple products, and he has that look on his face like why am I using this *lol*

I live in the town were they (mythbusters) do experiments and every time we hear a boom we automatically blame it on them... Some of my friends lived a few houses down from where that cannonball shot through.

Now this is a good ad. And it's a winning strategy, you have the 3 of them using multiple MS products (Surface, Skydrive, Outlook, and by proxy, Windows). It's Outlook-centric but shows off the Windows ecosystem very well.