Microsoft and Razer Launch Cutting-Edge Gaming Keyboard

Today at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft Corp. and Razer USA Ltd. set a new standard in gaming innovation with the new Microsoft® Reclusa™ gaming keyboard. Reclusa will help set gamers apart from their competitors with advanced features and best-in-class design elements such as ambient backlighting, Hyperesponse™ Gaming Key Action for maximum response with minimal latency, and two built-in gold-plated USB ports. Gamers will be able to improve their efficiency with 12 custom-programmable buttons that include two 360 Degree Jog-Dials and two Bumper Buttons conveniently located on each side of the keyboard for faster control and optimized gameplay.

With the launch of Reclusa, Microsoft and Razer are adding a keyboard to their gaming lineup, which includes the successful Habu™ mouse.

News source: MS Presspass

Reclusa complements the gaming desktop with these features in technology and innovation:

· Blue LED backlit keys allow gaming in low-light or no-light conditions.

· Razer Hyperesponse Gaming Key Action reduces key latency for maximized response.

· Two 360 Degree Jog-Dials, one on each side of the keyboard, can be quickly accessed during gameplay.

· Four Bumper Buttons enable easy access to common keyboard commands.

· Six programmable gaming Hot Keys allow players to create and store different macros and keystrokes for each game profile so they can combine several moves with the touch of one key.

· On-the-fly profile management enables users to create and store key mapping and macros for each game profile; keyboard software also automatically assigns different game profiles for supported games.

· Detachable padded wrist restis ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort.

· Gold-plated USB portsprovide plug-in access with maximum conductivity for additional peripherals.

"We are excited to partner with Razer to develop Reclusa and deliver on the keyboard needs of an estimated 200 million PC gamers worldwide," said Bill Jukes, product marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware at Microsoft. "The new keyboard builds upon our joint commitment to provide the most advanced features and comfortable implementation to the gaming community."

Reclusa is the second co-branded device from Microsoft and Razer. The two companies first united to create Habu, a laser gaming mouse that delivers 2,000 dots-per-inch performance and features selectable side button panels to accommodate varying hand sizes and preferences, high-speed motion detection, and an ergonomic design for intense gaming sessions.

"The excitement around the recently launched Habu mouse illustrates that gamers around the globe are just as enthusiastic about our alliance with Microsoft as we are," said Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, president of Razer. "With the launch of Reclusa, we are taking that alliance to the next level and continuing to raise the bar of innovation in the gaming industry."

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Reclusa will be widely available in spring 2007 for an estimated retail price1 of $69.95 (U.S.).

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"5 Profiles (w/ Drivers) Store your macros onto 5 different profiles with the Microsoft Reclusa Configurator to suit your gaming needs."

my logitech mouse and keyboard have, from what i can tell, and unlimited amount of game profiles i can make. my G5 mouse has at LEAST 20 games with customized keys.

damn, was hoping it would look better then that... guess i will stick with the g15 for now then...i have had no problems with lighting on my keyboard i must say though

XeonBuilder said,
G15 is a great keyboard but the keys ware out too fast. I already have a few letters scratched out on my board. Thats just from everyday use.

you're supposed to use the keyboard, not sledgehammer hit. I can't possibly see how normal use would wear out the kays on a G15 for at least a few years.

outside of the guy at work who plays Trackmania for hours every day, and just recently got a pad, his frantic pressing the arrow keys as hard as he could to go faster started to wear off the black. But that's way past normal use.

hmm, so it's a lite version of the Logitech G15. no display, not media keys and the macro keys don't seem very well placed. at least the G15 keeps them on one side.

could be a nice keyboard still but...
It also seems like the keys aren't square, but Narrow, sort of. could be a weird effect from watching from the top view pic, but I definately get a sense of non square keys.

Hopefully it has a slightly better light spreadign than the G15 though, even though the actual lilghtiing seems identical. As the G15 has problems lighting the tertiary fuctnion on the top number keys on european/Scandinavian keyboards. Granted I know where to find the @ anyway but

iN3DEEE said,
Pictures: Razer

Looks pretty lame... boring black standard keyboard with a dial and three extra keys on each side. They keys aren't even transparent. vastly overprized for this.
The Tarantula is much better indeed, but also vastly overprized.