Microsoft announces new My Phone Web syncing service

Earlier we reported about the sight of the new SkyBox website going live for some time and later it turned out to be that it was indeed one of new Microsoft's offering - Microsoft My Phone Web Service (service formerly known as "Skybox")

Microsoft has now officially responded to jkOnTheRun website about the new My Phone web service:

Today, Microsoft's My Phone Web site went live prior to its scheduled debut. However, we are excited about the new Microsoft My Phone service, which will be available as a limited, invite-only beta. This is a significant milestone for Microsoft as it connects the phone to the PC and Web, making mobility a key pillar for the company's software+services strategy.

This new Microsoft cloud service syncs critical information (e.g., contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, text messages, photos, video, etc) on a user's mobile phone to a password protected Web site. Once synchronized, people can easily back-up and restore mobile phone data. My Phone provides an easy to use Web portal where people can access and manage content on the phone, and share that information with others.

My Phone helps people:

  • Keep their information backed up if they lose or break their phones.
  • Transition information if they switch to new phones.
  • Access the same information from their phone or PC.
  • Additional information about the service can be found here

We will have more details about My Phone and the limited invite only beta at Mobile World Congress.

The My Phone web service will be in private beta in just a few weeks

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My Phone? Blech! A sucky name is a great way to turn off users. Sounds rather generic, and it's not even very creative.

Backing up data? Syncing data? Sounds a whole lot like Microsoft's own SkyDrive/Mesh/Sync. It'd just be easier to call it SkyDrive/Mesh/Sync Mobile. Or even Skybox is a much better name than My Phone. I hope it really is just a temporary name, a name in progress. It'd be hard to explain to friends how I use My Phone, on MY phone.