Microsoft Announces Windows Rally Technologies

Microsoft doesn't just want people to live a digital lifestyle. The software company wants them to embrace it.

That can be difficult for people who feel bombarded by the amount of digital information they've amassed and the number of devices they use to create, share and store it. Windows Rally technologies seek to help users get the most from their Windows Vista-based PCs and the new wave of innovation occurring on connected devices.

Windows Rally technologies aim to make device connectivity simple, robust and more secure. Networking devices that carry the Certified for Windows Vista logo, Windows Vista-based PCs, and Xbox 360s all use Windows Rally technologies. The Certified for Windows Vista logo ensures the software or devices are tested for Windows Vista security, reliability and compatibility standards, as well as ease of installation and uninstallation. Certified for Windows Vista components and devices undergo testing that will be validated by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Lab. Microsoft expects the program to improve customer experiences by providing a uniform minimum quality bar for all certified products.

Windows Rally technologies aim to give users great end-to-end experiences for every element of their interaction with a device. This is accomplished by providing standard, baseline mechanisms for device discovery, configuration, management and network quality.

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So, we've got Microsoft operating systems, office suites, and now... Cars!
(Cue "crashing" jokes in 3... 2...)

Ok, ok, I'm sorry... It was just the first thing I thought of when I saw the title

so does all the marketing buzzspeak...

This whole thing translates as...

"We're taking another whack at making all of our media devices work together seamlessly."

dugbug said,
their name branding gives me a headache

You're right. They should've gone the OSS style and named it "Goat Pancreas" or something.

Netrack said,
aka Plays For Sure, but works with vista


And then we'll find out won't work with future products *cough* Zune *cough*.