Microsoft Answers Forum Launched.

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Answers.

Till now the only avenue for the average Vista user for support from Microsoft, was to go over to Technet or MSDN Forums for help. All that will now change with the launch of the Microsoft Answers forum!

Microsoft Answers will be a no nonsense, non technical forum for real users to get real answers. The site is intended to dramatically improve the self-help experience for Home PC users by enabling the same kind of rich online communities – for support, learning, sharing and engaging with Microsoft – that have long been available for Developers and IT Pros, via MSDN & TechNet. This site is meant for the average Vista user – the spouse, neighbor, kid's teacher or the librarian !

News source: WinVistaClub

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The average user wouldn't know what a stack overflow. I ran into this a few times while doing some microprocessor programming.

Majesticmerc said,
Stack Overflow is a Technical site, StackOverflow is definitely not for the average user!

I would have said exactly the same thing - stackoverflow looks scaaaary for newbies.

Failed? I don't think so. The forum already has a thriving community. Just take a look at it again. This time, for the content and not how it looks.