Microsoft attempts to lock down Office

Microsoft is touting a new set of security features designed to lock down Word and Excel. The software giant said it hopes the move will end Office's run as a favourite target of malware authors and remote attackers.

Josh Edwards, technical product manager for Microsoft Office, explained in an interview with that Microsoft completely restructured the way it approaches security in the latest release of Office.

Edwards said that the new approach began three years ago when the company realised that it had to make security a central priority.

"The idea was how we could integrate security in such a way that it is not a feature, but more of a philosophy," he said.

In order to shift security to centre stage, Microsoft took several steps to ensure that security research was integrated into the development process for Office.


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That’s the stupidest, most inaccurate comment I’ve read today. Office 2007 is brilliant and, at the moment, far superior to all of the alternatives offered. If you are saying that Office 2003 is better then you obviously haven't looked into the new features that have been added in Office 2007. Do us and yourself a favour and go read and then follow it with before you go making ridiculous comments like that.

On a side note: I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the security changes in Office 2007, in particular how the applications deal with Macro security.

I agree, 2007 is amazing. Much better then the previous releases, however I still think Vista needs work as there are a ton of flaws in it. While most will not effect the home users, they certainly hit hard on the business end. Eventually those will be ironed out though.

As a technical beta tester of Office07, Microsoft has produced the best Office suite they ever have and are beating the socks of the rest of the market. Some smart person at MS convinced the higher-ups to do a total redesign of Office and after beta test both 07 as well as XP and 03, I can say without question that this is simply one of Microsoft's best platforms and a pleasure to use. It is totally unlike previous Office suites so expect a bit of a learning curve, but it will prove time well used once you are up to running speed. Unlike any prior MS Office apps, there is no significant bloat or bells and whistles in 07. Further, it is effecient and effective in completing nearly any Office task. From the beta technical refresh 1, forward, I used Of07 in a production enviroment with only a few minor problems over six months time.. I agree with DW and MusicMan on both the security improvements and the app in general. Very much unlike Vista, this software rocks and I have advised both friends and colleagues to adopt it now!

As for Goat, I can only assume that you have never tried it or you would have respoded differently. Next time, if you plan to make comment on new software, actually try it first. You won't sound like a dolt the next time.