Microsoft Australia giving away Office 365 subscriptions in "Hunt for Office" NFC campaign

If you live in Australia and own a NFC capable smartphone, start heading toward any major city to look for "hidden" copies of Office 365 Home Premium subscriptions embedded within digital ads in select shopping centers – valued at $119, all you need to do to win is tap on the ad.

Microsoft Australia has 34 digital advertising screens located in major shopping centers across Australia. Their exact location in each is not disclosed as participants are required to hunt for the ad on their own.

Once an ad has been located, the first five people each day over the two-week campaign - which started yesterday - who either tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code and complete the registration form will instantly win an Office 365 subscription which is sent to their email.

As istartedsomething points out, it's not the first time NFC has been used in advertising, Samsung gave away music to Galaxy SIII users last year using a similar method.

We have to hand it to Microsoft Australia, not only for the "modern" method of advertising, but also the value of the giveaway, which is none too shabby!

Source: Microsoft Australia via istartedsomething | Images: istartedsomething

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Does anyone know of any in Canberra? I'm sure I could get to one first thing in the morning, but im not going to go looking when we usually get overlooked here.

hrmm after careful consideration I don't think the prize is worth venturing out and dealing with the traffic and my fellow humans.

i do not advocate doing this just saying it is possible, someone can scan one of the NFC tags, recording its value, and then post that information online where anyone can clone it and then you just have a copy of it at home to scan whenever you want.

A very small total prize pool ($283220) for the amount of locations, which are far and few between. Don't forget that this is the time they should be trying to saturate the market to gain acceptance of their subscription model.

I scanned the one at Westfield Marion, but alas nothing for me

Interestingly the ad thing itself wasn't advertising Office, it was advertising some kind of irrelevant beauty product of which I had no interest in.

now tell the truth you were not trying to win a copy of Office 365 you were trying to win the woman in the beauty ad

Teebor said,
now tell the truth you were not trying to win a copy of Office 365 you were trying to win the woman in the beauty ad

No, it was only skin cream. I resented the implication the ad was making that I was ugly and old.