Microsoft Australia Helps Aussie kids get a great education

Every time some one visits and watches a Microsoft commercial, Microsoft Australia will donate $ 1 to Smith Family Learning For Life Program. It is a Foundation which helps disabled kids with their education.

So all you are in need to do is visit Help Aussie Kids Get A Great Education web site and watch the 35 secs introduction video, in which a 9 year old Aussie kid speaks about Office 2007, and Microsoft will donate $ 1 to the Foundation. Requires Silverlight.

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It may just be me, but running IE7, and not visiting neowin in like 2 days I had no idea about this....

That being said, I clicked the link and figured hey lets help an aussie kid, but it told me I was ineligable because I already viewed the movie.

So either someone else that lives in this house and shares this Road Runner connection (no, there isnt, and I have had this same IP for months now, and I live alone)... Or there is something a little fishy here.