Microsoft begins selecting users to beta test next Xbox One update

"Select Xbox Live members" will soon beta test the next software update for Microsoft's recently released Xbox One console, with invitations to the program being sent to users beginning today.

According to a post on the company's Xbox Wire blog, those chosen for the beta program "will receive an Xbox Live message with a token to register," with the update rolling out to those users at an unspecified day next week. The post doesn't state how participants are being chosen and there is no sign-up form available, indicating participants may be selected at random. As with Xbox 360 beta programs, users will have access to a private forum where they can provide feedback on the update before it launches to all users.

The next update is slated to include several features that will improve multiplayer functionality on Xbox Live, such as a revamped friends app and party chat improvements. A "recent players" list will notably be added with the update, a feature included on the Xbox 360 that hasn't been available on Xbox One. The new features will roughly coincide with the release of "Titanfall," a multiplayer first-person shooter that will be released March 11 on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC; the game recently concluded its Xbox One beta.

March's Xbox One multiplayer-focused update follows a storage-focused update released last week. Microsoft appears to be adopting a quicker release pattern for Xbox One updates than it used with the Xbox 360, which typically saw bigger updates released once or twice a year. 

Source: Xbox Wire | Image via Microsoft

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Unfortunately this is true of most companies now and it's no laughing matter either. Everyone wants to be first to market, whether they have a stable final release or not. To add insult to injury most companies have terrible support as well.

Sorry just want to make sure I understand this... no-one is signing up for Beta, they are just sending out invites?

I don't know, maybe titanfall relies heavily on MS server. The xbox One update I assume will address the influx of people buying the game and start online right away. Lots of developer got server crashed due to many people are playing online such as Diablo, sim city etc

xendrome said,
Respawn has their own servers for Titanfall, this update has no mention of Titanfall issues being addressed.

You are wrong.

Titanfall is entirely and completely reliant on Xbox Live Compute (Xbox Live Cloud) for all platforms of the game.
If Xbox Live Compute is down, then no one will play Titanfall until it comes back up.

All game servers are also hosted in the cloud, so no more host migration .

Considering timing of update, it's not irresponsible to believe it's to support the Titanfall launch.