Microsoft blacklists leaked Windows 7 OEM key

Microsoft has responded to pirates by blacklisting the Lenovo OEM key that leaked earlier this week.

On Tuesday Neowin reported that pirates were able to modify their BIOS and activate copies of Windows 7 Ultimate with a Lenovo OEM master key. Microsoft have worked with Lenovo to blacklist the master key before Windows 7 starts shipping with new PCs in October.

According to Alex Kochis, Director of Genuine Windows at Microsoft: "we've worked with that manufacturer so that customers who purchase genuine copies of Windows 7 from this manufacturer will experience no issues validating their copy of Windows 7. At the same time we will seek to alert customers who are using the leaked key that they are running a non-genuine copy of Windows. It's important to note that no PCs will be sold that will use this key."

Windows 7 is due to ship on October 22 this year and it's 99% certain that after this date more OEM keys will start leaking. According to Microsoft officials "Windows 7 already includes an improved ability to detect hacks, also known as activation exploits, and alert customers who are using a pirated copy." It has always been a cat and mouse game between Microsoft and pirates and it seems that it's 0-0 once again.

In related news, Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows 7 technical testers will be receiving a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on August 6.

Thanks to Neowin member Long for the news tip

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Like another person said, the person who got the key was an idiot for releasing it so soon. He should have waited due the fact Microsoft had plenty of time to change it. They can't do that once 1000's of pcs have already been sold.

Can we get this straight? It's not a crack. It's acually how all oem companies install preactivated copies of windows on their computers for retail. And to Brandon Live, even if the key is black listed, there will be tons more later on. Why doesn't microsoft drop this type of activation completley? If they don't it will be like vista all over again.

But they don't drop it because they don't wanna stop piracy. Here in argentina, the uniques home users that have Original Windows are the ones that buy it with pre-installed original copy. That's the reality.

so its blacklisted, dont do updates and you dont have an issue. If you need an update, d/l from another site. M$ still fails

Every new idea was once considered ramblings of a madman. The reason piracy occurs is because we, as a society, allow it to happen. Many of us here have the skill to stop piracy, find the pirates (dar!), or make more keys (MS), but we decide not to and do not have the will to do it. Skill and will are two important ideas that many of us do not follow: the skill to do something and the will to do it. Everyone is to blame for piracy because we are all gluttons and want more, more, more. Logically, every single disc should have its own key that MS can keep track of; however, it just does not seem possible to have that many keys. Obviously, the old system has failed, and we all know it, and that this happened should not have come as a surprise to anyone--I don't think any of us here were surprised.

I have a weird feeling those hackers are from this forum, seeing how much we want Win 7... :D

Kudos for MS. They finally did some good and quickly.

Good... That will teach everybody for downloading it in the first place. If they are members on neowin they should be band. Like I said before and I shall say it again. Windows 7 is not expensive buy it instead of ripping off Microsoft. I pay for all my software, mainly for updates and support if I need it.

I have preordered my copy, but i like be formatting all day so i tried to test if the activation keeps working or not.. And, Microsoft i'm sorry to tell you that it's working right now. I have activated Windows 7 7600 with that. Don't worry, i'll put Vista Home Premium again ;), just for advice =D

if you're talking about those lame activators which just replace some files to RC ones so RC license would work, then it's not a proper activator.

х.iso said,
if you're talking about those lame activators which just replace some files to RC ones so RC license would work, then it's not a proper activator.

No, i'm talking about permanent full activation with the OEM method.

The problem isn't that we all love to pirate sutff, it's just that you more people people having acess to something, you can't force your product only on a social class that can pay for it, some will be rich, some will save for it and some will want to get something for cheap, and a few will want it free.

Look at cars, you can get a whole line of products for all the different budgets there are, with software that has a monopoly on a segment, you can't avoid being target of a few people that will try some smart solution to their money problem.

And of course most of the kids cracking they systems can afford a copy, but they will do it because they can. It is worth the constant headaches from WGA problems every couple weeks??

I have never paid for a MS product ever. One of the bennies of working in the IT business. I think however if I had to pay for windows 7 I would. Ive been running it for a long time now and prefer it over all other versions of windows, I like Vista but 7 is just has a lighter foot print.

As for those trying to cheat the system, you are a thief. Plain and simple. You are stealing and anything bad that comes from that is your just reward.

"you can't force your product only on a social class that can pay for it"
Just like your grammar, the logic in your statement is faulty as well. It's not forcing it on people who cannot afford it, but, rather, if you cannot afford it then you will have to wait and save up for it. Since I cannot afford something in a store, it does not mean I can walk into that store and steal it. Everybody loves to get something for nothing because we all are greedy--that is why our economy is falling apart.

two of the three machines ive tried this on fail to activate with this method now, but my main machine is still activated and is working fine.

and it downloaded some sort of update yesterday, silverlight i think it was.

this is an offline method so you dont have to have a net connection for it to work so it should work time after time with the stock rtm install. now if you were to update windows and try then that would be a different story.. your other computers just may have not worked. do the right thing a copy or buy a msdn subscription and then your covered. windows 7 is truly a great piece of code. hardware and software working together properly is a beautiful thing indeed

i'm not sure what was going on, cause i did the exact same steps on all 3 machines, though i did the other two machines about 3 days after my first install, so im not sure.
ethier way, the two wouldnt activate and i was getting sooo frustrated.

i am really concidering buying a copy when it comes out, but as a 17 year old with a job that's just under over wage, college in another town i have to pay to get too with my own cash, i dont have £100 lying around.
id have to use a cracked one or something untill i found the cash.
as for MSDN, i could only dream :(
you are right though, this is the first copy of windows i'm concidering paying for, it is brilliant.

Maybe's your bios, remember that you need a updated one. But the method, keeps working... This new is a Fake from Microsoft.

I am a hacker and this is my "Manifesto" - Hackers Movie -
lol Everyone should buy a retail copy though, seriously would you want someone stealing from your grandma?

unrealism said,
lol Everyone should buy a retail copy though, seriously would you want someone stealing from your grandma?

When someone steals from her grandma, her grandma loses her object/money. When he makes a copy, he isn't stealing, he's making a copy.

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