Microsoft blocks XP-to-Windows 7 beta upgrades

The version of Windows 7 Beta 1 that Microsoft made available for download on its Technet site Thursday does not support upgrades from systems running its Windows XP operating system, according to a first look at the available code in the CRN Test Center. It does, however, permit upgrades from Vista SP1 to Windows 7.

A Microsoft spokesman said that no final decisions have yet been made about what will be included or not included in the generally available version of Windows 7, but that the company as a practice advises only clean installations of operating systems during the beta phase anyway. For now, the beta version of Windows 7 only permits upgrades from Vista SP1 -- meaning there is at the moment no way to test or evaluate a straight XP-to-Windows 7 migration.

"We've just been telling people like we always do, conduct a clean install. That's the safest bet anyway," the spokesman said. "It shouldn't be too much of a surprise."

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They haven't "blocked" anything. Saying they blocked something, implies it was possible to start with. Besides, it's entirely common for upgrade options to be reduced or disabled entirely during the beta process. As I recall, the early Betas of Vista didn't allow upgrades at all, from ANY version. People spouting their mouths off (in this case CRN) have very short memories when it comes to operating systems. Any excuse for a bash at Microsoft's latest product I guess.

True, but it is important to test the upgrade procedures of an OS. Especially something as big as Windows 7. Without sufficient testing what can go wrong, will go wrong.

yeah and in the Vista (longhorn) beta Upgrades didnt work from XP at all for the longest time, they disabled the upgade button until beta 2 as I can remember..

I would clean install anyways. I wouldn't want to upgrade from one technology to another. IMO, it would be better to clean install a PC for this.

Clean install FTW. No point doing upgrading install from XP. That said, XP should qualify as an "upgradeable" OS when purchasing licenses, hope MS does not limit that to Vista only.

Well clean install would be much preferable. But hope MS remember that there are ppl who want to perform upgrade rather than clean install...Oh well hope it allow upgrade from XP by Beta 2 then...

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