Microsoft Brings 129 Lawsuits Against Phishers

Microsoft is helping law enforcers hunt down criminals who try to steal bank account details on the Internet and has initiated 129 lawsuits in Europe and the Middle East, the U.S. software company said.

One court case in Turkey has already led to a 2.5-year prison sentence for a so-called "phisher" in Turkey, and another four cases against teenagers have been settled out of court, Microsoft said on Wednesday, eight months after it announced the launch of a Global Phishing Enforcement Initiative in March.

"Sometimes we initiate our own legal action, but more importantly we work with law enforcement agencies," said Nancy Anderson, deputy general counsel at the software company.

Of the 129 lawsuits that have been initiated, 97 are criminal procedures in which Microsoft and other technology companies have provided information.

The announcement was made at a European Union conference on identity theft in Brussels.

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What the hell does MS have to do with spamming and phishing? What did phishing and spamming do to harm MS? This is stupid and greed in process.

erm, so you like spammers and phishing? probably you are a spammer. Otherwise i really don't understand your reaction

Maybe they want to protect there children (us) from harm! :P You just run Mac OS and jealous that Mac isn't doing this, Microsoft is nice, they gave a nice cake to Mozilla when they released FF2, and now there trying to protect us from meanys! They now have URGE and Zune Music Store and the Zune, and many other interesting products, they are on the good side, your on Mac, Google, and FF's side!

While I applaud them for doing this, I have to wonder where (if there is any) the money is going for those that they sue or settle out of court. While I have no problem with them re-couping their court costs, I do have a problem if they are making money on it.

Maybe it's just good for the PR. Maybe they do recoup their costs. Maybe they do it because people like this make their systems look insecure. I'm sure every time there's a new article on phishing a whole lot of people start to look towards MacOS or Linux and that's bad for MS.
Either way I don't mind, I don't like the company as a whole, but for once (in my book) they seem to be doing something nice.

personally I could care less, if they do something to stop or at least slow down spam, even if its a little bit, they get a cute little star in my book :P

Yes. Thanks Microsoft. I don't care what anyone says about you, you have become a good company and eventually the public will know what you do for the industry behind the scenes.