Microsoft brings in stylish 'James' to help with Live Messenger-Skype change

In February, Microsoft officially announced that it would begin the transition of its users of the desktop Windows Live Messenger software to Skype on April 8th. Today, that process has indeed started as English Live Messenger users are now no longer able to sign onto Live Messenger.

As previously revealed, the actual transition will take the rest of the month to affect nearly all of Live Messenger's users. Microsoft says it will be complete on April 30th for Brazilian Portuguese users. After that date, the only place in the world where Live Messenger will continue to be used is in mainland China, due to the program's service being handled in that country by a third party company.

Skype's Twitter account has posted up a link to a slideshow that shows people how they can move their Live Messenger account to Skype. It features "James", a fictional person who has already made the move from Live Messenger to Skype. James is described as "the city's most stylish accountancy student" but doesn't mention which city he is from. Apparently, this city thinks a gray hoodie is "stylish".

In any case, Microsoft has also taken the time to answer some questions from users about the transition, including word that children who have a Live Messenger account can still use Skype with their Microsoft account. MSN Premium customers that use Windows who have had Live Messenger support as part of their subscription will move to Skype starting today, with other platforms to be addressed at at later date.

Source: Skype | Image via Microsoft

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its ok to migrate and integrate all service, but that if both are on the same field which its not.

Skype wont tell you if your hotmail or outlook have new emails, your contact list its separated from your skype contacts, its kinda how skype and wlm handle facebook or icq handle aim, icq, gtalk and facebook.

They want to kill WLM and let the user use skype as one client for current wlm that its fine but add WLM features in skype first....

Just to balance all this hate, I've been using Skype for a few months now and think it's fine! Nice, simple interface that looks a lot more professional than WLM... winner.

not used msn/wlm since the days i was creating skins for it and chatting up birds to get them nude on cam.... I just text people or msg them on facebook these days...

Skype for windows 8(Metro) is pure rubbish. UI is messy, camera does not work (At least not on my notebook). Luckily we still got desktop version but really think about to swap for gtalk.

If you think gtalk is an alternative to Skype/WLM, you don't need a very robust messaging service in the first place.

Gtalk actually does a lot. The reason people like it is because its very basic and does the job. Skype is a bloatware product. Can do some things very well but its infuriating. Gtalk just works. Its the classic case of form versus function.

djpailo said,
Gtalk actually does a lot. The reason people like it is because its very basic and does the job. Skype is a bloatware product. Can do some things very well but its infuriating. Gtalk just works. Its the classic case of form versus function.

Google isn't even sure what Gtalk is, yet. They're kludging it together with Voice and Plus in what isn't exactly an elegant way, and now there are rumors of a WhatsApp acquisition that could lead to god knows what.

If they have a cohesive strategy for a messaging platform, it isn't visible.

Still using WLM through Adium. Skype is a complete mess at the moment, and IMO, if Microsoft want to keep a usable IM platform, they need to keep WLM alive and re-think the migration process.

When MS purchased Skype, I always hoped Skype would be intergrated INTO existing MS services, which included WLM/MSN in my eyes. The Skype client is absolutely horrible, bloated and everywhere I look there's only wasted space.

I don't think this will help. They really need to revamp both the desktop and modern apps to be truly a part of Microsoft's eco-system.

Just as I commented in the other post, Skype is still not on par with WLM unfortunately and true WLM users will not want to switch yet.
- No integration with Microsoft Account connected services like every other Microsoft service/product has.
- No contact linking (shows many duplicate contacts)
- No instant picture/video sharing

It still does not feel like it's truly part of the Microsoft ecosystem. It just feels like regular Skype with Microsoft's logo stamped on it.

I'm still on MSN via pidgin, anyone else?
Also I don't care about their 'use skype like this', I want them to fix the problems in the migration process that's completely messed it up.

Skype's messaging is so primitive and threadbare compared to WLM.

Yet another BACKWARDS step for Microsoft.
What are they smoking over there?