Microsoft celebrates one year of

One year ago today, Microsoft announced, a new web-based email service. After several months of having the service labeled as a public preview, Microsoft officially launched in February and has transitioned its former Hotmail users to the new service.

Today, Microsoft celebrated the one year anniversary of's reveal in a blog post and infographic that shows some of the highlights of the past year. Microsoft claims that since the first day of its public preview, it has added "over 600 additions, changes and improvements, packaged in 34 feature releases." Some of that feedback has come from Neowin readers in the Insider program.

Some of those additions include Skype video messaging, support for Google Talk, and a way to sign in with an alias. The blog adds, "We know there are 1 or 2 big ones you've asked for that we haven't quite gotten to yet.  We hear you and we're working on it."

Microsoft also says it has changed how it received feedback from users to make it more accessible. As a result, Microsoft says it has received 50 times more feedback submissions per month than it did with the old Hotmail service.

Microsoft also said it has made over 100 updates to help improve performance, reliability and stability. At the same time, the company admits that sometimes the service has not worked as well as they would have liked. Indeed, there was a brief outage earlier today. Microsoft states that they are "... not okay with these types of issues." It added, "We'll absolutely continue to invest a ton in performance and reliability to ensure you have a stellar experience that keeps getting better."

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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had hotmail since day one. It's my "junk mail" site. My personal email goes to family & friends, but I use hotmail/outlook for paying bills, ordering online, replies to websites, signing up on websites etc. Keep my personal email pretty clean.

Is it really such a big deal? I mean, I just use yahoo mail and if it works... good. It's not such a big deal. As long as I get my emails that I want and I can compose my own, everything is good.

'We hear you'.

Microsoft teams sure do seem to trot that line out a lot, followed by months of inactivity and then NOT implementing the most wanted features users have been crying out for...ala the Windows Phone team, the Skype team...

and yet still no IMAP!!!

what happened to August 2012's "IMAP support is coming". For such a huge company to take so long to deliver it's a joke.

It's Microsoft. "In the coming months" is implied and usually equates to whenever they feel like it, or possibly not at all.

I really like I never have a problem with it and I use it all the time as my main email. Migrated from Gmail and haven't looked back.

I dont get any spam in my Outlook email. Of course, I never use it and only logged in a couple times after I reserved my address. I may use it one day...but right now, I have to many email addresses as it is.

A year on and still can't apply custom images to contacts. Until that day arrives I am staying with GMail

Shane Ekanayake said,
seriously ?? outlook is the best email client i ever used

The article is about (formerly Hotmail), not Outlook the program.

Thrackerzod said,

The article is about (formerly Hotmail), not Outlook the program.

yeah thats what i meant e mail service not office outlook(i dont use office outlook )