Microsoft Chat: Smart Displays and Windows XP

Chat: Smart Displays and Windows XP 4 P.M. Pacific time, April 28, 2003

Travis Ames and Chris Turkstra, Smart Display product managers from Microsoft, answer your questions about Smart Displays, wireless, touch-screen monitors that let you access and use your home computer from different rooms in your home. Sponsored by the Microsoft User Group Support Program.

As ever a couple of us from neowin will be asking a few questions to the product managers. This time we have some interesting things to ask about this new technology. If you're interested in Smart Displays for Windows XP then head on over at 4PM Pacific time/7PM Eastern Time/12AM GMT (April 29th).

View: Smart Display: Life Is Too Short to Be Chained to Your Desk Chat

Video: View Travis Ames demonstrating Smart Display devices

News source: Windows XP Expert Zone

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