Microsoft, Clinton develop emissions software

The company joins forces with the Clinton Foundation to provide free Web-based software for cities to monitor their carbon emissions and share ideas

Microsoft will work with the Clinton Foundation to develop free Web-based software and services that cities around the world can use to monitor their carbon emissions and share ideas about environmental protection.

The announcement, made on Thursday, comes a day after former President Clinton said his foundation would finance the renovation of buildings in 16 cities in different parts of the world to make them more environmentally friendly.

Cities will be able to use the online software to better understand their environmental impact and to participate in an online community, sharing ideas and best practices and collaborating. The software will allow users to monitor their progress and track the effectiveness of emissions reduction programs. It will be compatible with some existing emissions reduction products, but Microsoft didn't list which ones.

View: InfoWorld

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*Gasp* How amazing!

An online forum plus a up-to-date carbon emmissions list.
I love how these big corporations like to make a big deal out of the little things.

Look at the back of The Chicago Tribune (don't know about other newspapers, but I'm sure it's there) in the Weather Section.

It has a daily emissions table for all the major cities.