Microsoft comments support reports of new Zunes

Microsoft hasn't divulged detailed plans for the next release of its Zune music player, but a company executive last week offered hints that seem to support reports that a flash memory-based Zune and an 80GB device could be in the works. It hasn't been a matter of if Microsoft plans to expand its Zune product line beyond the several 30GB players it has on the market, it's been a matter of when. At its annual financial analyst meeting last week, Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, said Microsoft plans to "broaden" the Zune brand with new styles, capacity sizes, and price points as well as new features, though he did not reveal the timing of releases or exact product specifications.

Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, said Microsoft is definitely working on a flash memory-based Zune and models with higher capacity than the current 30GB version, but the company has not yet discussed specific details of the forthcoming Zune models. He also confirmed that Microsoft hopes to get the new Zunes to the market in time for the busy Christmas shopping season, which typically begins in late November. "They're cranking to get them out in time for the holidays," Rosoff said.

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Microsoft shall buy out meizu, which is a chinese company making flash-based player. it has some potential and MS could get it with a very cheap price at this point.

Must haves for Zune 2:
- Work with WMP 11!
- For them to design the hardware themselves this time
- Do something with the wi fi which is more productive, where is the internet radio streaming, the internet browser? All missed opportunities

That's all I can think atm, any other thoughts on the subject?

They still can't be bothered launching it outside of the US so I couldn't care less. If they can't make the effort to launch it worldwide within an acceptable timeframe then I can't make the effort to part with my money and buy one. Microsoft can get lost... I have no interest in the Zune.

based on the first generation players, it will probably have good hardware, but software that fails to take full advantage of its features!
they should update their zune software and firmware!!!!

i think they should focus on a global initiative rather then more products or both at once rather then just new products.