Microsoft confirms its Xbox E3 2014 press event plans for June 9th

We are now just over a month away from E3 2014 in Los Angeles, the single biggest event in the video game industry. As they have done for many years, Microsoft will hold a press event on Monday, June 9th at the Galen Center in LA, the day before the doors open for E3 at the city's downtown convention center.

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has posted up word that this year's E3 press event will be called Xbox: Game On, and that it will begin at 9:30 am Pacific Time (12:30 pm Eastern Time) on June 9th. Hryb says, "During the briefing, you’ll be treated to everything from in-depth looks at previously announced games to trailers for our unannounced games coming in 2014 and beyond."

The event will be live streamed worldwide on, Xbox Live for owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, and for Windows Phone devices starting 30 minutes before the briefing begins. In addition, the Spike cable TV network will cover the event in the U.S and Canada.

Hryb also says that Xbox fans will be able to participate in some extra events before and after June 9th. They will happen physically in Los Angeles as well as for folks who watch the briefly remotely. Details about these fan events will be revealed later.

Source: Major Nelson

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I sincerely hope the conference is really, really about games. It's fine if they talk a little about functionality with Tv apps, but it should be a little, I mean REALLY LITTLE. It shouldn't be:

"So, as you can see, we're really pushing Netflix and talking to you about it, even though we're advertising a GAMING CONSOLE. "


It should be: "Game, cool game, more games, seguing into Tv apps, small talk about that, and then Game, game, cool game, talking about updates and new tech, and then more games. Rinse and repeat."

Even though I like PS4 (simply because I've had more experience with Sony), I really want Microsoft to succeed after E3 2013.

You mean like last years E3 conference was? The non-games stuff was discussed primarily in a separate conference before E3. The E3 2013 conference was primarily about games, as you desire.

Now this is where TV TV TV, Sports, Sports, Sports, Kinect can work.

Microsoft should have E3 as their first "Xbox Original" programming.

Imagine being able to log into Live, and feeling like part of the show, community voting on games, or letting us manipulate game trailers and such, with voice or hand gestures.

The big thing will be people watching it on twitch and ustream, last year it was just PC/laptop users etc who could watch the event, this year all xbox ones and ps4's will have the ability to tune in, they could use that to their advantage and I'm betting Sony will anyways.

What would be amazing is if they simply dropped 'gold' requirement for online content and gaming with all future XBOX titles being released on the PC too with the ability for PC and XBOX games to play side by side. Anything else, I'm not really interested.

That feature already exists, but it's never been a success and more of that will definitely not happen, neither will Gold be dropped for online multiplay.
I'm with you on dropping the Gold requirement for all those extra services though, that's what MS should do.

Edited by Thief000, May 6 2014, 4:06pm :

No it doesn't. That's over dramatising the situation.

The Xbox One is doing perfectly well and is in no danger of not "surviving". It's just not doing as well as the PS4. It's certainly selling better than the Xbox 360 did during the same point in its lifecycle, at least from what I've read.

I hope it is all about games. But I still don't get why people have this thinking, that Microsoft can't do other things while doing games too.

It's like people have this notion that it's impossible to walk and chew gum at the same time.

It's a Xbox, games are a given.

I don't think anybody thinks that, but it's not unreasonable to expect Microsoft to treat and market the Xbox as a "games first" device. It is a games console after all, even if it can do a lot more than that now.

Last year's Xbox One reveal showed the media features first, rightly or wrongly giving the impression that was more important.

I think they'll make the $450 bundle price that came with either Forza or Titanfall permanent. It's essentially $390 + a full price game. You have to imagine that experiment went well. I know a few people who bought the Titanfall bundle at that point.

I do truly hope the presentation lives up to the title they have chosen for it. XBox: Game On.

I personally purchased the One for one reason and one reason only... Exclusive Games.
So I prefer a focus on the game themselves.

Me too, but I'm not kidding myself. Xbox is a media brand, not just games. It is games first and that's what MS needs to make clear to the consumer (should have from the beginning in May last year), but the media possibilities add very much to the Xbox One IMO.

For a conference labeled "Game On" there better be zero talk about TV or other crap that doesn't directly relate to video games.

spacer said,
For a conference labeled "Game On" there better be zero talk about TV or other crap that doesn't directly relate to video games.
You say that as if they didnt say that first one was about media and not games and the e3 conference was all games.... People just chose to believe it was going to be about games too even they it was only announced to be media features.

spacer said,
For a conference labeled "Game On" there better be zero talk about TV or other crap that doesn't directly relate to video games.

Last years E3 was just about games as well.

spacer said,
For a conference labeled "Game On" there better be zero talk about TV or other crap that doesn't directly relate to video games.

^^ This guy didn't watch last year's E3.