Microsoft confirms openings of five specialty stores in April

Over the last few weeks, we have reported that Microsoft has been posting online job openings looking for store managers for a number of previously unannounced smaller specialty stores in the United States. Today, Microsoft confirmed that it will open five of these specialty stores in April.

According to a list that Microsoft sent to ZDNet, the stores that will open in April will be located in the International Plaza and Bay Street shopping center in Tampa, Florida; the King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (that's likely the Philadelphia listing we spotted several weeks ago); the Providence Place shopping center in Providence, Rhode Island; and the Queens Center in Elmhurst, New York.

There will also be a new Microsoft specialty store opening in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah, near Salt Lake City, which was a location we did not spot in our checks of Microsoft's job openings. Microsoft has not given specific opening dates for any of these locations.

Even with this confirmed list from Microsoft, it appears that the company still has plans to open up even more of the smaller stores in the U.S. We have spotted online job openings for unannounced stores in Sacramento, California; Arlington, Texas; and Novi, Michigan. The company will also be opening a number of full size store locations in the U.S. over the next several weeks and months, including Salt Lake City on April 11, Beachwood, Ohio, on April 13 and San Francisco, California, on April 25.

Source: ZDNet | Image via Microsoft

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I must be missing something. What in the name of god makes these stores "speciality" stores in place of your normal Microsoft stores?

A better question - given that I'm in Europe - would be, "why do you need a "speciality" store when I can't find any of your normal stores to begin with?"

LogicalApex said,
Only a "specialty" store for Philly? I guess they don't plan on drawing any attention away from Apple here.

Don't feel bad, my closest Microsoft store of any description is a 4 hour, 300 mile drive away.