Microsoft continues its push in China with two new Lumias landing this summer


China is a massive market for smartphones, and Microsoft knows that this region is critical to growing its platform marketshare. More so, the price sensitive nature of this country means that high end devices may not always be the ticket to selling more devices. As such, Microsoft Mobility (Nokia) has announced two new devices for China, the Lumia 636 and 638.

The Lumia 638 will arrive on July 5th with a retail price of $200 (1,299 yuan) and the 636 will land on July 21st for the same price. The devices sport a 4.5in LCD, 1830mAh battery, LTE, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 5MP rear camera. 8GB of internal storage and SD card support.

The two devices have identical hardware and design but will be heading to different mobile carriers; 636 to Chinia Unicom and 638 to China mobile. Seeing that Microsoft is getting this device on to two carriers in China will certainly help boost the availability of the device and should result in more sales.

The phones both run Windows Phone 8.1 that brings quite a few enhancements to the platform over Windows Phone 8. You can read our full review of the platform, here.

For Microsoft, they know that China is a critical market for the company and one where they can grow significantly. With two new low-cost devices that will soon be available in the market, we would expect to see the company move quite a few more units over the summer.

Source: Microsoft China | Via WPC

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In my experience it is pretty mediocre especially when comparing to the alternatives on the market, in fact when comparing it to Android or iOS its less than mediocre in my opinion which is why I made the original comment. I do like Nokia's hardware and design philosophy and the specs are nice and for $200 bucks it sounds like a great deal unfortunately only if it were running another operating system in my opinion and based on my experience (Computer Sciences major & IT Entrepreneur).

I think they are also both 1GB Ram phones. Which in my eyes makes sense to not restrict the low budget phones for further updates by the 512mb Ram. In my eyes all 2013 and 2014 phones should have been shipped with at least 1gb ram anyways.

From a practical point of view, besides a few games that require 1GB of ram, more than 512 is not justified at this point - for WP of course. The interface works perfectly even with 512.
On Android on the other half...