Microsoft could be making 'Ryse: Son of Rome' live-action web series

Microsoft may have just started their promotional campaign for the Xbox One console with an impressive 90 second TV commercial, but that's not all the company is doing to get people to stand in line to buy the hardware and games. Microsoft is also apparently working on a live-action web series based on the Xbox One launch title "Ryse: Son of Rome."

A small image popped up on the website before being quickly removed today, according to Polygon, which showed an image from the series and a "Coming Soon" title. It also shows the "Mature" ESRB rating for "Ryse," and if the game is any indication the web series will definitely be aimed at adults. Neowin has contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this article if a response is received.

"Ryse," developed by Crytek, was originally developed with the Xbox 360 console in mind and was announced way back in 2009 with the title "Codename Kingdoms." Later, Microsoft and Crytek switched gears and made "Ryse" as an Xbox One exclusive. Neowin got a brief chance to play an early version of the Roman Empire-based game at E3 in June.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has made a live-action web series to promote a game. The company did the same in 2012 with "Halo: Forward Unto Dawn," made to help sell he Xbox 360 title "Halo 4." After debuting as a web series, it was re-released with new footage as a 90 minute movie that was sold on DVD and Blu-Ray and made available on streaming services such as Netflix.

Source: Polygon | Image via Microsoft

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I found the Bright Falls Series (Alan Wake) to be interesting; but found the Halo ones to be disappointing. Are there any other popular games that have a Video Series?

raghavny80 said,
I found the Bright Falls Series (Alan Wake) to be interesting; but found the Halo ones to be disappointing. Are there any other popular games that have a Video Series?

Viva Pinata

I'm not sure what tighten up the ecosystem means, but if its referring to game content, I'm not sure why its so bad for them to try and offer both.

I mean heck, Sony will be pursuing both, seeing as it is a company that is deep in the entertainment side of things with movies, music and tv. Why not MS?

I think its cool to see them attempt to bring game properties to other mediums like tv. As long as its well made, I'm all for it. In a way, it could be a way to cater to us heavy gamers by offering non-gaming content that is connected to the games we play.

TheCyberKnight said,
Another pointless idea to waste money in something that has a weak ROI.
Tighten up the ecosystem instead!

I imagine the content will be on xbox video, which will work on all Windows 8 systems and Microsoft has committed to get Xbox video back on windows phone..

If anything this content is a catalyst to not only make things work together but to publish content to set its ecosystem apart from others. Unique content is working quite well for Netflix.. why would it hurt XB?

I'd rather they put the effort and money into the game. Why bother with a TV series, that will likely mean a linear story in both that and the game, when you could instead have a widely varying story in the game built on user choices and actions? Not just a few choice alterations like The Waking Dead, or at the expense of better gameplay like Heavy Rain. But a full game with a variable story built by the player. Now that would be next-gen.

No. I've yet to see a game with a largely player-driver story. Heavy Rain is the best attempt, but the gameplay is so-so. Most games have largely linear stories with perhaps a couple of choice points thrown in, but rarely anything significant. Even then it is usually via a "A, B or C?" situation rather than a "in mission X you fired an RPG at character C's car therefore..." situation.

That could be cool. MS is serious about providing TV-like content for the X1 and moving away from relying on a cable service, so this makes sense. Certainly the subject matter could work well as a live action show, sort of Game of Thrones-like.

Hope they do it well.