Microsoft could launch its first Xbox Entertainment TV shows in spring 2014

More than a year ago, Microsoft announced it had hired former president of CBS Television Studios Nancy Tellem to be in charge of a new Xbox Entertainment division. This week, Tellem stated that the first efforts from the group could be released as soon as spring of 2014.

Tellem made the remarks as part of a keynote speech at an entertainment event sponsored by According to the site, Tellem said one of the goals of Xbox Entertainment is to make a show as grand as HBO's hit fantasy series Game of Thrones. She said, "That, to me, was [the] greatest testament to how wonderful television can be and how engrossed people are and committed – and it was a social experience." She also said that the budget Microsoft has given the division was "enough for me to do my job, let’s just say."

Microsoft has not yet decided to release episodes of their shows every week, as per the norm, or all at once as Netflix has done with its own original series, Tellem said.

So far, Microsoft has only admitted to developing one series, a live-action scripted show based on the Halo game franchise. There is plenty of evidence that the company is also making a soccer-themed reality series called "Every Street United," but so far Microsoft has not officially announced plans for the show.

Source: TheWrap | Image via Microsoft

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I hope they find success for the same reasons I hope Netflix does. We need more diverse/original content. I don't really care who makes it, so long as it's well written and well put together.

She also said that the budget Microsoft has given the division was "enough for me to do my job, let's just say."

Don't blow it Tellem.

I'm hoping that when they do they announce some deals with cable/satellite companies where if you sign up for a 2 year agreement they'll sell you an Xbox One for $99 - $149. It would automatically build an audience for these shows especially if they were only available on Xbox One and Windows Devices. The gamer market is at best 250M, but the TV market is far greater and Sony will be lucky to sell 12M PS4s by the end of 2014. If MS did a deal like this, they may sell significantly more. Having more consoles out there will encourage developers to get on board.