Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices in Europe

Microsoft is cutting the European price for its Xbox 360 games console by 50 euros to 349.99 euros ($470), following a similar cut in the United States.

The company said in a statement on Monday that the lower price would be effective from August 24. It also plans to launch a new model, Xbox 360 Elite, that will ship with a 120 gigabyte hard disk and cost 449.99 euros.

The price of the entry-level model Xbox 360 Core will be cut by 20 euros to 279.99 euros, Microsoft said.

News source: Yahoo!

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The new UK Prices are

£299.99 for the Elite............(down £50)
£249.99 for the Premium.....(down £30)
£179.99 for the Core...........(down £20)

The accessories will cost
£129.99 for the 120GB HDD
£32.99 for the Black Wireless controller
£14.99 for the Black Play and Charge kit
£9.99 for the Black battery pack.

only difference with premium and elite is 100gb and costs £50 for that as the premium is starting to ship with hdmi now. have lowered their price of the premium to £229.99 now:)

they have added the elite @ 299.99 and core at 179.99 like their prices will be, the premium is at a nice price now tho.

What's that about £238 now? not much of a cut but hopefully we'll see more of a drop comming. Not quite enough for me to order mine yet.