Microsoft debuts wireless charging trousers

Ever wanted to put your phone in your pocket and have it charge? Well, those with compatible wireless devices will soon have the means to fulfill their dreams thanks to British designer Adrien Sauvage. Sauvage has partnered with Microsoft to create a pair of trousers that can wirelessly charge compatible mobile devices.

According to ABC News, Microsoft and Sauvage debuted their wireless charging trousers at a London fashion show on Tuesday. The pants work through inductive charging technology that is provided by a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate. The charging plate is woven behind the front pocket and begins charging when a compatible device is placed inside the pocket. The DC-50 charging plate can be recharged using a standard microUSB cable.

Although being marketed by Microsoft for its devices, the pants will have the capability to charge any device that is utilizing Qi wireless charging technology, like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. The pants will be available via pre-order through Amazon and cost upwards of $340 USD.

With the merging of fashion and technology, how soon will it before see more of these types of collaborations in the future. Although these aren’t the most affordable pants, it does open the way for mass production and possible adaption by larger clothing manufacturers, which could usher in cheaper alternatives.

Source: Conversations via ABC News | Image via Conversations

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True, but the you still have to charge your pants with an actual cable. " . The DC-50 charging plate can be recharged using a standard microUSB cable." That's what I was referring to.

"I'm sorry officer, I'm just recharging my trousers"

I can imagine this conversation as I'm being thrown out of the ASDA...

Forjo said,
Stunning lack of vision here. Consider looking past this specific example and see what it represents.

You still have to plug in the pants... Hardly some huge leap here, why not just plug in the phone?

You plug in both at night! then you could watch two worldcup matches, and in between the third one slide your phone in your pocket so that its charged to see all matches even on the road!

I was hoping the charger ran off body heat and walking, then I read USB cable. Let down. The only other thing, these must be dry clean only.

Timi Cantisano said,
so, sew a small pouch on the inner thigh of my front pant pocket, slip in a DC-50, and BAM, wireless charging trousers on the cheap.

Is that a wireless charger in your "pocket" or are you happy to see me?

wernercd said,

Is that a wireless charger in your "pocket" or are you happy to see me?

trust me on this, it's a wireless charger!

exotoxic said,
So this is a gadget for the sake of it?? It charges your phone while you go about your day as usual. I don't quite understand how your missing the extremely simple and useful purpose of these pants. I mean they will probably be ugly and bulky, but the idea is great. I'd buy some if they were mass produced and cheap.

Except you have to charge the charger, by replacing one device that needs charging with another what do you save?? Plus these trousers are many times more bulky than a phone so when you plug it in to charge it up it takes up more room on your table/desk/floor/wherever.

Now glassholes will have another stupid thing to wear. If they could simply harness the "corduroy rub" as energy it would be different.