Microsoft Decries Vista PatchGuard Hack

Microsoft officials say they are unhappy that security software maker Authentium has decided to bypass the controversial PatchGuard kernel protection feature in its next-generation Vista operating system, and said that the tactic could lead to eventual problems for users of the company's software.

Responding to Authentium's move to circumvent PatchGuard in its products, company officials said that the decision to hack the feature could prove unwise for the security vendor as Microsoft will work to close off any flaws that allow unauthorized kernel interaction, making technologies dependent on such access obsolete.

As a result, users of applications that circumvent PatchGuard could find themselves unprotected from attack, or dealing with other problems driven by a lack of authorized integration between Vista and those products.

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Who the hell is Authentium anyway???

They obviously aren't that important of a company. Microsoft should shut them down.

Quote - ahhell said @ #7
Who the hell is Authentium anyway???

They obviously aren't that important of a company. Microsoft should shut them down.

Or buy them out - like when Bill Gates bought out Homer! :P

This has nothing to do with MS disabling PatchGuard, or introducing API's to get around it, since they've done neither.

This company has simply found a way around PatchGuard. I'd be curious to know exactly what they are doing.

Yeah that's what takes the cake about all of this. McAfee and Symantec just don't want to reduce their system hogging bloatware.

This has nothing to do with putting AV companies out of business since other AV vendors have reported that they are releasing Vista AV software that does not require Microsoft to lower its security in Vista. Kaspersky and Sopho are 2, I hope ZoneAlarm follows suit.

It has everything to do with Symantec, McAfee, and Panda's laziness and crying their eyes out.

Microsoft should have a 'certifiied antivirus' program and exclude everyone that wants to bypass patchguard, but still let them do it. That way everyone should be happy.
"Norton and McAfee are not recommended because..." HAHAHA!

Well, software that contains the Vista-compatible logo is a certification from microsoft to say that the software is 100% compatible with the OS. Will be interesting to see if Symantec and McAfee get the Vista-compatible logo on their products