Microsoft delays Windows Vista SP2 by a month

Tech ARP reports that Windows Vista SP2 might be delayed until March. Microsoft will deliver a Release Candidate of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 in March and not in February. Also, Microsoft will send the service pack build to OEM and retailers only in the second quarter of 2009 and not in April.

Below are the scheduled dates as predicted by TechARP:

Image Courtesy: Tech ARP

The time delay between RTM and Public Versions release is hard to predict as there was a delay of 2 weeks between Windows XP SP3's RTM and Public Versions and 6 weeks delay in case of Windows Vista SP1.

Microsoft is releasing a Release Candidate (RC) Escrow Build in February instead of the normal RC build. The Escrow Build is a build where development halts and developers & beta testers start testing the product for any show-stopper bugs.

Microsoft has announced that it is not mandatory for OEMs to install Windows Vista SP2 and is marked as an optional install. This clearly shows that Microsoft indeed wants everybody to move to Windows 7. Many OEMs will be hesitant about spending more money and effort for qualifying new builds with their products. It becomes the sole responsibilty of the consumer now to update to Vista SP2.

In a nutshell, Microsoft has delayed the Windows Vista SP2 release by a month and who knows, you might get another Windows 7 build in the mean time!

However, the big question now is: Will you be installing Windows Vista SP2 or Wait for Windows 7?

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Pardon me, A higher version of Windows looks always better than its lower version. There is a lot of cost and effort put in if you want to make your products compatible, if anything happens with the upgrade. So, if you upgrade to SP2 and then to Windows 7, its a huge investment.

Not really. If you run a network of say, 100 machines which you plan on upgrading to Windows 7, it's not going to be worth the effort (and potential hassle) upgrading for a small amount of time. Yes, you probably should, however, most probably wont bother.

bmaher said,
Not really. If you run a network of say, 100 machines which you plan on upgrading to Windows 7, it's not going to be worth the effort (and potential hassle) upgrading for a small amount of time. Yes, you probably should, however, most probably wont bother.

If you had Vista installed, you would probably see a closer program compatability between SP2 and Win7. Although they aren't the same code line for line, some of the performance changes are within SP2.
If a company were to move (or at least migrate a small number) and spot a problem, it would be a advanced warning to Win7.

Also, it's not like they are going to update to Windows7 as soon as it arrives. Sp2 would be a safer bet than leaving SP1 until they change over to Windows 7 perhaps a year from release.

TRC said,
I don't see why anyone would wait. Service packs are free.

If you worked in a networked production environment, you'd see why. A service pack is something that requires testing with existing software before deployment. In fact, EVERY update Microsoft releases (the weekly updates for instance) should be tested, though not as thoroughly as a SP.

I work at a school with 500 Windows clients, all of which are running Vista, and all of which would benefit in some way from SP2. However, I still have to test every piece of software on every image before it gets deployed. And even then, it will only be deployed as part of the re-image for the '09-'10 school year. So this news is actually bad for me, as the freeze for testing on my images happens the first week in May. Hopefully the RC will at least be on time and I can run it through the paces with that....and hope for a final release shortly before my deadline. If I miss it, it won't make it to the faculty, and they'll just have to wait until the summer of 2010 (hopefully) for Windows 7 deployment.

And in what I just typed there, that's almost 4 months worth of work, in part due to the need to test all software after a major update such as SP2. If it weren't for SP2, I'd just update my images from last year and be able to move on to other projects.

Slimy said,
I will install SP2 while waiting for Windows 7.

Same. I'll be installing SP2 unless the RTM build of 7 magically appears.

I would install SP2. Any fix isn't worth putting off until 7, especially from a security fix standpoint. When Windows 7 hits I would probably dual boot for a bit, then move to 7 once I was ready. (Don't think it would take long).

Things are getting really, really slow at Neowin. Maybe you should shut down for a few months. I don't think we can take any more stupid questions.

Since I can't even install SP1, no I won't install SP2. The one and only time I tried to install SP1, it rebooted before finishing and then blue-screened. No safe mode, and system restore failed. Fortunately running system restore from a recovery CD worked even though running it from the hard drive boot menu failed. Never again.

Before installing SP2 i would first test it and see if any problems come up and if none then i would deploy it.when Windows 7 is official i will test it and see how it is(the beta seems very good thus far)

There are obviously a lot of people here who don't remember WinNT4.0 Service Pack 2, or the first release of IE 4.0 or even Win2000 Service Pack 4... All of which screwed up millions of machines. This is a further example of the Vista disaster. Anyone thinking that Windows 7 is going to be anything more than Windows Vista SP3 is a mug.

All my machines are still running Windows XP, I'd run Win2000 (the most superior Microsoft O/S) if all the drivers were easily available for new machines.

What, you mean Windows 7 is NOT Vista SP2!?!?!?!?!??!1111///1//1//1/1/1//onequestionmark

Seriously though, while I am enjoying the Beta, it is starting to get on my tits a bit, with menu items disappearing and gadgets failing. I might got back to SP2 for a few months and wait till 7 is ready for prime time.

Well since I have Vista of course I will upgrade to SP2. Then when Windows 7 comes out I will be switching to that for sure.

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