Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2013 released

IT workers who have to work to deploy and maintain Windows-based PCs for their businesses just got some newly updated tools from Microsoft. Today, the company announced the launch of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2013, the latest version of the suite of software tools made for subscribers to the Microsoft Software Assurance program.

The official Windows Business blog has the details of what's included in MDOP 2013, which has Service Pack 1 updates of AGPM 4.0, DaRT 8.0, App-V 5.0, and UE-V 1.0. However, the biggest new addition is the official release of MBAM 2.0. In fact, its so big, it gets a separate and highly detailed blog post on the official Microsoft Springboard series blog.

Some of the features in MBAM 2.0 include the Self Service Portal which Microsoft says will help regular PC enterprise users perform common PC support tasks without the need to go to their company's IT help desk to fix any issues. It also automates the BitLocker encryption within a business's PC set up for Windows 8 based computers.

The blog quotes Al Gillen, program vice president of System Software at IDC, as saying:

MDOP 2013 provides a definitive value to Windows enterprise SA customers through the enablement of flexible work environments, improved operating system capability and enhanced IT cost savings. Now, with the upgraded features available via MBAM 2.0, organizations can be more effective in how PCs are managed to ensure constant compliancy and security in any business scenario.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I see two different listings on TechNET, one says "English (Eval)" at the end and the other doesn't have "(Eval)" at the end. Not sure if there is any difference.

EDIT: Filenames are different, still not sure what's different other than that.

I've just checked, and it looks like its not available through the VLSC yet . It is up on MSDN and Dreamspark Pro though.

What's the point of these comments anymore. Like why bring it up? It's come to the point where people really shouldn't have the freedom to post any kind of comment on here and we should be able to up-vote or down-vote a comment. I'm so sick and fed up with these damned comments.

I know you are trying to be sarcastic but really? Like come on, rtfa, it has absolutely nothing to do with optimizing the Windows 8 desktop if all you are reading is the title and posting a comment. If you read, you would realize your comment has absolutely no place in this news article's comment section. It's about a new release for a tool that helps IT workers manage Windows PC systems.

It's just sad how ignorant people are just because of a new start screen. Get over it already. I can't stand the start screen sometimes, or the apps... But I don't complain to put back the start menu in Windows 9, instead I am hoping for an update to an app or to Windows that will make it more functional and fun to use. It is time we move forward already.

I think you might want to read your post back to yourself. I'd argue it's a completely disproportional response to a simple sarcastic statement.

Are you seeing "Windows 8" somewhere in this article that I'm not? Your comment is totally irrelevant to the article. It has nothing to do with Windows 8 specifically. It's something for enterprise users to use to maintain corporate PCs without having to put a call in to IT.

Several customizations needed/wanted for Win8 in such environments are still not there. Sionic and Grey really need to chillax.

I don't think this is in Dreamspark, but it is in TechNet/MSDN.

The old SysInternals app from years ago that helped to make changes to the computer including resetting the admin password is in here (DaRT) and that alone is a nice tool to have if you need to change the admin password on yours or others' PCs. There were a lot of others components that were cool too but I haven't used MDOP in years.

Depends how an individual uses their computer. The core "use" of the MDOP is not intended for non-techies, though indirectly non-techies may use part of it.

I believe this can only be volume licensed. I don't think an individual can really get their hands on the MDOP outside of a Dreamspark/MSDN type agreement.

Really, the only part of the MDOP an individual could possibly be interested in is App-V. I use my wife's computer (and every other system in the house) for tech research on top of Hyper-V and RemoteFX, and I'd too frequently have to reinstall Sims 1-3 if not for App-V.

Edited by ITFiend, Apr 10 2013, 11:50pm :

Dart 8 is. Its a windows pe recovery disc. Has all the utilites like windows explorer,windows defender, regedit,network connectivity and a utility to change passwords . It has other utilites also.

you burn it to a cd or USB and boot from it. Its an awesome boot repair cd and works better then the Linux ones because you are repairing windows with a windows installation booting from cd.