Microsoft details worldwide Xbox One launch plans for Nov. 22nd

With less than nine days to go before the Xbox One officially goes on sale, Microsoft has offered up more details on the worldwide launch activities it has planned for November 22nd. They will include large launch events in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Toronto and Sydney. The day starts in Auckland, New Zealand at an event where, as we have reported, an Xbox One has already been put in a shark tank before it can be sold.

Over 10,000 retail store locations around the world will open at midnight on Nov. 22nd to start selling the Xbox One in their respective time zones. New York City's big Xbox One event will be held in the Best Buy Theater and will include a performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Los Angeles will hold its own big Xbox One launch party at Milk Studios, with a performance by deadmau5.

All of Microsoft's 75+ retail stores will hold midnight launch events for the Xbox One, and six of them will also hold "Killer Instinct" tournaments before the launch itself. The winner of each tournament will get a free Xbox One console, all of the launch titles, one year of Xbox Live Gold and a quick trip to Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, November 23 to compete against other players for the title of Killer Instinct Fastest Fighter Champion. You can see a list of the Microsoft Stores that will host the tournaments on its Facebook page.

The Spike cable TV network will be the place to watch a special on the Xbox One launch in the U.S., starting on Thursday, Nov. 21st at 11 pm ET.

Source: Microsoft

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Geezy said,
Not for Xbox One owners hoping for developer support in Japan.

lol, can't tell if serious.

I dunno man. The Xbox One is looking pretty solid, but Microsoft seems to be rather US centric when it comes to their device. They need to get something figured out with their foreign markets if they hope to bring growth to their platform.

Its possible if you get to the line of a store early enough. For the Playstation 4 release on Friday, I've heard people have already begun to line up at Target / Walmart / Gamestop / etc.. Some have already been in line since Monday, and setup tents in front of the store. Its insane.

JHBrown said,
Any chance of grabbing one that wasn't pre-ordered?

Microsoft mentioned they were going crazy working to keep supply in retail.. will see if that happens. Hasn't been a problem for WiiU either

Thanks guys. I was thinking about lining up 12 hours early. By the sound of it, that might not be early enough. I have one on pre-order but I was going to surprise my little brother(34 years old) with one.

I'm glad they're finally broadcasting live across all venues.. i'll watch deadmau5 on my 360 Hopefully they're longer than 5 minutes of songs.

doniam9 said,
looks like they featured real gamers and not actors

Is there such thing as real gamers?

I mean, those people totally didn't fit any gamer image i've seen

Game on though

Juan4Ever said,
When the f**k in CHILE!!! thanks xD

While it sucks that it's not out "officially" in your market or mine I'm pretty sure you can import one and it'll still play without issue. All the games on disc are region free and so on.