Microsoft Developer Network website gets a revamp

With Microsoft planning to shut down access to its TechNet subscription plans on August 31st, the only official place that software developers will be able to access past and current Microsoft software with a subscription is on the Microsoft Developer Network. Today, the company launched a revamp of the MSDN website designed to make things easier to find for those subscribers.

In a post on his blog, Microsoft Technical Fellow and Team Foundation manager Brian Harry, stated that in the past, software developers had to search through a number of different Microsoft websites to find the resources they needed. The new MSDN site is supposed to give all developers a one stop shop for the tools and information they need. The revamp is also supposed to help developers who work primarily with iOS, Android and web-based applications as well.

Harry added there are new community features in the new site, saying:

We designed the Microsoft Developer Network with that in mind creating a “Perspectives” section with community blogs, an integrated social feed, and a “Connect” area that allows developers to tell their stories, get advice and connect with us directly.

MSDN subscribers can access their information from anywhere on the site, according to Harry. The new version is limited to the English language at first but a worldwide roll out of the new MSDN site will happen over the next few months.

Source: Microsoft via ZDNet | Image via Microsoft

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I've been disappointed with the MSDN site since the previous update. It shifted from a technical site for developers on Microsoft platforms to a site that seems far more focused on courting developers from other platforms. There's some content there (blogs and MSDN magazine articles) if you dig for it, but I'd rather that be first and foremost.

neufuse said,
now only if their subscriptions wouldn't take ages to sign up for and renew...

took less than 24 hours when a friend of mine signed up on Tuesday..

Kenman said,

took less than 24 hours when a friend of mine signed up on Tuesday..

our last renewal took three days! a few months ago for it to show up on our account

When they allow you to filter content from a decade ago out of all links and searches I'll care what they are doing to MSDN.

It is not quite a metro design. Outside of the "div" without border, with a single background color, the rest of the design looks normal.