Microsoft disabling Word 2003's 'fast save' feature

Microsoft is killing off a feature in Office 2003 that the company said helped save time, but also ran the risk of exposing confidential information.

As part of Service Pack 3 of Office 2003, which will be available Tuesday as a free download from Microsoft's Web site, Microsoft is disabling Word 2003's "fast save" feature, which works by saving the changes made since the last save, rather than rewriting the whole document to disk.

"While the Fast Save feature speeds up the document-saving process by saving only the changes made to a document, the saved document may contain metadata, such as comments, erased text, previous versions, and authorship," Microsoft said in a white paper on the update. "Disabling Fast Save ensures that confidential data is protected against improper disclosure."

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yeah, i rather that more than anything else. Lots of times my friends are working on their college papers and for the life of them can't take 2 seconds to click the save button. That has saved them countless times when their batteries in their laptops died suddenly (didn't calibrate the timer) in the middle of working on something.

As for SP3, well i downloaded it and saved it to be installed tomorrow at work. Stupid slow DSL line (hehe, it's a small business, not some huge corporate company)

Well, I found fast save invaluable. I've worked on 150+ page documents containing many images and fast save saved me many hours...

Finally! It was a flawed concept to begin with. And even if you only used it conditionally and not "meant" to use it for sensitive stuff, I bet it would only be a matter of time before you forgot about manually turning off the setting at some point and voila...