Microsoft donates $250 million for education program

Microsoft is making a significant new commitment to supporting eduction with the announcement of a large donation to the company's Partners in Learning program. Today, Microsoft announced it will spend $250 million over a five year period. The announcement was made as part of its annual Partners in Learning Global Forum, which is being hosted in Prague this year.

Microsoft's press release states:

Partners in Learning helps educators and school leaders connect, collaborate, create and share so students can realize their greatest potential. The online Partners in Learning Network is one of the world’s largest global professional networks for educators, connecting millions of teachers and school leaders around the world in a community of professional development.

The program started in 2003 and since then Microsoft says it has helped to train and improve education resources for over 11 million teachers worldwide. Those teachers have reached more than 200 million students in 119 countries. This new donation to Partners in Learning will increase the company's total contribution to $750 million over a 15 year period and allow it to reach a total of 20 million teachers by 2018.

In a post on Microsoft's blog, Laura Ipsen, the company's Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, states:

We’ve taken on whole-school improvement, delivered software and mobile technology tools for educators and learners, and started a global conversation with policymakers about how government can be a catalyst for change in education. The work was and is mission-critical, and it isn’t hyperbole to state that the future of the world economy depends on the quality of our teachers.

Source: Microsoft press release | Image via Microsoft

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+1 MS!

But I'm sure a significant chunk of it will be a write-off on Microsoft's products. "Here's 10 million dollars worth of Windows 8 licenses" or something along these lines. It will cost them zero, but it will be good for the taxes.

I highly doubt its a tax write off otherwise Apple would be all over that.

The educators program another arrogant insult from apple. Yeah sure the school was failing cus no apple crap was in there and a rubbish learning environment. No credit goes out to the students cus it doesnt matter if youve got a brilliant learning environment a stupid student is always going to get crap results. Any decent access to an e-learning environment will help alot, not just apples stuff.

... or is it a great corporate tax dodge. Donate money that has to be spent on Microsoft products and write off 250 million from you tax burden while also boosting your sales.

Now I am not saying this is the case but companies don't give ANYTHING away without a good return.

erfanullah said,

2.5 million? LOL

2.5 million is not donation... how much do they spend for litigation? and they are not doing it from their mind... its just to bribe the hearts and minds of people that's why they donate small cash... its better than nothing... jobs wont give a dime

Apple has $120bn in cash. That would be like me donating a dollar of my yearly income. LITERALLY.

On the flipside, Microsoft donates huge sums of money, and their employees have also donated over $1bn. Bill Gates alone has donated $28bn and saved 6 million lives. Sorry, there is no comparison.