Microsoft drops new Surface promo, wants you to love cookies too

Microsoft’s Surface 2 is a device that is far more capable than most users giver credit to the product. Seeing that it comes with Office installed and has good battery life, it’s a tablet that allows you to do more than simply consume content.

That’s the idea behind Microsoft’s latest promotional video that they posted to YouTube that shows a small business using the tablet to help perfect recipes and how the tablet integrates into the rest of the individual's life.

This is the first video the team has released in about a month but with the potential for a Surface mini to be announced soon, they may be getting the marketing engines fired back up to help raise brand awareness before the new product arrives.

We don’t expect Microsoft to push this promo to the cable networks, even though it is exactly 90 seconds long and that is a good fit for commercial television, but it could likely be used as pitch material for presentations of the product.

Source: YouTube

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If you want a tablet then you should get one, if you want a laptop then you should get one of them. These two in one things have too many tradeoffs.

And people with Android tabs and iPads can look up recipes as well which makes this whole thing pretty meaningless.

Right, so people with Android tabs and iPads can multitask seamlessly like that (especially now with 8.1 Update) and get a fully-featured Office and the awesome portability of it without the need of purchasing a stand. I don't understand why people have to nitpick every Surface video, yet the iPad and android ones are no better.

The multitasking on Android works very well. As for fully featured office suites... I don't know what the iOS options are but I don't need one on my tab.

I wonder if they realized, after making this commercial, that Surface and Surface 2 are not licensed for business use of Office RT 2013 without paying extra. Maybe that needs to change. Let anyone use it and watch Surface 2 sales grow.

They are if you have an Office 365 for Small Business subscription. So technically, it's valid. Also, while the legal jargin says non-commercial use, they don't enforce it since they know many businesses use it anyway.

I get the idea they're going for... This is something a business can use, and they're trying to sell a bit of dream with it. They're not aiming at us tech geeks who want hard facts and such.

and we're back to the stupid commercials that don't show anything you can't do elsewhere and why surface is awesome etc.

I thought they changed the marketing firm. time for another change.

I don't think its stupid, I mean it is showing real world use of the Surface and what software/features are included. The trick though which you did mention is that it doesn't make the surface stand out enough

How is this stupid? It's showing real life examples. It's not even a 'commercial' it's a customer story video. I think it's great.