Microsoft email prepares workers for Yahoo takeover

A Microsoft executive on Friday sent workers an upbeat email outlining a vision of how the software giant expects to take over Yahoo and merge the companies' cultures and resources. Yahoo spurned Microsoft's 44.6-billion-dollar bid for the veteran Internet firm on February 11. Microsoft is reportedly planning a hostile takeover bid if Yahoo's board of directors doesn't change its mind. In a message to employees, Microsoft platform and services division president Kevin Johnson shared "a perspective of the process going forward."

"We look forward to a constructive dialogue with Yahoo's board, management, shareholders, and employees on the value of this combination and its strategic and financial merits," Johnson wrote. "Once Yahoo and Microsoft agree on a transaction, we can begin the integration planning process in parallel with the regulatory review." If Yahoo capitulates, the transaction would likely close in the second half of this year, according to Johnson.

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yikes, the bulk mail on my yahoo is up to 4000 in 1 day. hotmail is usually like 5 or 8. i'd hate to see a merge with the two.

unless that's not the case, what exactly "would" happen if they bought yahoo? it wouldn't have anything to do with mail or messenger right? just search engine,, advertising and other goodies right? i don't get it please fill me in.

If they were being a "good capitalist" they wouldn't be offering more than the company is worth. They're just trying to trash one of their competitors, plain and simple. That's quite the opposite of a "good" capitalist.

(Foub said @ #7.2)
What planet have you been living on?

microsoft it not a good business with the anti-trusts and stuff, but they have a large user-base of morons that will follow them to the ends of the earth. Vista, I was misfortunate enough to use that pos at college the other day, and I take back where I said its OK, it really is a huge piece of ****, no ipx! no netmeeting! no display properties (well from control panel eventually) and it didnt even support some of the hardware. Plus if you leave it for the screen to lock, your password is invalid all of a sudden and you have to shutdown to be able to log in again. But still millions of idiots buy that ****

Ahhh n_k, how embarassing for you.

If you knew what you were talking about you'd know that Microsoft has reported increasing revenue and net income every year for at least the past 5 years. (This can be discovered by reading a fancy document called "Annual Report")

Since businesses exist primarily to earn profits for their shareholders I'd say they've been doing pretty good.

If you can't figure out how to work Windows that's your own problem. It doesn't make the software developer a bad company.

Microsoft is only being a good capitalist. Only a pinko commie would question their methods. :suspicious:

"We look forward to a constructive dialogue with Yahoo's board, management, shareholders, and employees on the value of this combination and its strategic and financial merits,"
should read:
"We look forward to destroying Yahoo!'s current board and management and supplanting them with those who have a clear Microsoft-only focused direction and won't ask awkward questions, along with a greatly diminished return for shareholders and employees not already affiliated with Microsoft,"

The last thing I want is for my nice Yahoo e-mail turning into junk Hotmail. I hate Hotmail really bad. :sleeping: But, I do love Windows.

Exactly! Yahoo are not selling out to MS, they don't even like MS and will obvously go to any length to prevent it from happening. MS just can't let it go, they lost.