Microsoft Entity Cube now in English

Microsoft has made available its previously Chinese only, Entity Cube. Entity Cube is a Microsoft research project that searches at the object level. The engine then "summarizes the Web for entities (such as people, locations and organizations) with a modest web presence". Entity Cube is the English version of the Chinese site Renlifang.

The information provided in the results not only lists the context information, but also people related to the search and if there are any academic related results. Finally the Entity Cube is able to bring all this information together and can show you the "relationship" between the people, academic results and the search results that are provided by Bing.

"The need for collecting and understanding Web information about a real-world entity (such as a person or a product) is mostly collated manually through search engines. However, information about a single entity might appear in thousands of Web pages. Even if a search engine could find all the relevant Web pages about an entity, the user would need to sift through all these pages to get a complete view of the entity. EntityCube generates summaries of Web entities from billions of public Web pages that contain information about people, locations, and organizations, and allows for exploration of their relationships. For example, users can use EntityCube to find an automatically generated biography page and social-network graph for a person, and use it to discover a relationship path between two people."

The engine is still in the early stages and the entire internet has not been indexed. Microsoft claims that 3 billion pages have been indexed but it is still possible for large gaps in the results as it continues to data mine the web.

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This is rather interesting. I wonder how long before this gets integrated into Bing... It seems like Microsoft is investing an awful lot in improving search. I think that's really great.

Surprisingly accurate although I don't see how Bush is farther away from the core than McCain. McCain wasn't the one who left the country in shambles.

Shadrack said,
What? Where did you hear that? They seem to be pushing it now harder than ever.

I hope they push even harder as its better than Flash from what i've seen so far.

Revenge2K said,
I thought Microsoft pulled the plug on Silverlight.

Where have you been? They've been coming out with a ton of releases, and they are working on Silverlight 4 atm.

I tried a bunch of different searched and none of the relationship maps were useful for me. I also don't understand what is so "cube" about it. Looks like any other relationship web. I've seen some similar ideas that were based on one topic (like music) that had much more useful results.

It bears some similarity to existing services, but of course with Microsoft's own flair and features.

The "news" and "year" sections with the graphed timeline is much like Google Insight, where Google also does a geographic representation for popularity and how it has spread over time as an animated Flash display.

However, Microsoft's also includes more generic searches and e.g. biographies that Google doesn't cover on that page.

As for common denominator systems, I think the most similar system from Google would be Google Squared? Or perhaps Google Sets?