Microsoft expands Bing search on Xbox One to include web results

Microsoft released its latest software update for the Xbox One Tuesday night, which has a number of improvements for the game console. However, there's one new feature in this update that the Xbox team did not mention; an expansion of the console's Bing search features.

Previously, Bing was only able to search inside the Xbox One's marketplace for games, videos and music. Now, the official Bing blog states that with this week's update, the search engine will include web results as well that can be viewed in the console's version of Internet Explorer. The Xbox One update will also allow users to highlight text on a web page in IE; pressing the menu button will then engage Bing in the browser.

This is a very welcome update for Xbox One users who previously might have been frustrated with some of the limitations of Bing in the console; hopefully Microsoft will allow for full Bing voice search while using IE in the future.

As we have previously reported, the new update for Xbox One is in the middle of rolling out worldwide and should be available to download for all owners of the game console by the end of this week.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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No but it will be handy for podcasts/video that isn't pinned, if I want a quick answer to a question or Youtube (since the Xbox app stinks for navigation and search).

This is one missing feature I've been looking forward to, although I did think they would implement it in the same way as the Windows 8.1 hero search.
I've been very impressed by the voice recognition capability in Xbox/Bing so far and can't wait to fully use this to give my hands a rest using smart glass.

The next feature I want is "Xbox, skip back xxx seconds/minutes" during a show

What else you need besides searching for games, music and movie. You planning to use bing search on Xbox for research? I am curious.