Microsoft Faces Probe in Norway

According to a statement on Friday by Ronny Turoy, a spokesman for the Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA), Microsoft's proposed $1.28 billion purchase of Norway's Fast Search & Transfer is the subject of a stepped-up antitrust probe by Norwegian regulators. This development comes after MS's $1.2 billion takeover bid on Jan. 8 of this year for Fast Search, whose board of directors unanimously accepted the deal. The purchase of Fast Search will give Microsoft tailored search programs for customers such as Deutsche Telekom and United Parcel Service.

The NCA began a 25-day review of the deal Feb. 25 and will make a ruling by April 3, though the proposed deal was already the subject of an initial probe that began Jan. 30. The authority is conducting an "in-depth analysis on the deal's effect on the information, computer and technology market," Turoy said.

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Tell that to Apple, who's chaging theiTunes licenses all across europe ased on the new rules they had to make after Norway told them where to shove their consumer unfriendly crap.

1. Europe is not broke
2. Norway is not broke
3. They are not attacking Microsoft, this is simply because we're talking about 2 large companies. It's standard procedure to prevent companies from become a monopoly by simply buying all the competition.
4. They're not asking money from Microsoft, they're simply doing an investigation (the consequence might be that they're not allowed to buy this company).

There's no checkmate. Nothing will come of this - Microsoft is far from being a leader when it comes to search so there's not much to look for in the way of antitrust.


(jwjw1 said @ #1.1)
and 'broke'

I guess, not as bad as USA with external country debt of $12.25 trillion or $40 679 per person,
Of course UK is even in a bigger a**hole with external debt of $10.45 trillion or $171 942 per person.

(jwjw1 said @ #1.1)
and 'broke'

Norway is in Europe but not part of the EU(unfortunately) and unlike most every other nation in the world, especially US, Norway has no national debt. That was all payed down several years back now.

Also this isjust a regular investigation that is done in Norway whenever big companies take over naother big one, and I doubt they'll stop the Fast takeover, since if anythign it increases competition.