Microsoft Fails to Reach Decision on Yahoo Takeover

Microsoft Corp. directors failed to decide on the next step in the pursuit of Yahoo! Inc. yesterday, leaving open the debate over whether to walk away from the $44.6 billion bid or fight to replace the Internet company's board.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer is undecided on what to do, and his allies don't know whether he will give up or mount a hostile takeover, the Wall Street Journal reported last night on its Web site, citing people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft examined a price of $32 to $33 a share in recent days, more than the initial $31 cash-and-stock bid, the newspaper said. Raising the offer would be one way for Microsoft, the world's biggest software maker, to clinch a friendly deal with Yahoo or make it easier to win a proxy fight to oust the board.

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Steve Ballmer destroyed MSN, what does he think he can accomplish with Yahoo? He's going to destroy that too once he gets his claws on it.

Maybe you're right, but either way that makes absolutely no sense. If MS isn't capable of keeping users or attracting them to its own search, then what makes you think they can keep the ones that buying Yahoo! will bring to them? There is something that MS is expressly doing (or not doing) with their search that is not bringing the users. If they buy up Yahoo!, things may be fine in the short term, but in the long term if MS doesn't do something different, they won't keep those users. If they figure out what they need to do, then they should do it without Yahoo!, to save a lot of money.

Oh well, I'm sure it would be no big loss if things continued as they are now. MS already have their own search technologies and can innovate on those.