Microsoft files for new multi-touch UI patents

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system was the first Windows OS to natively support touch screen interfaces. Although the feature has yet to be used by most PC makers and software creators, Windows 8 is expected to add even more touch screen features when it is released in 2012. posted word that the company recently revealed it has filed for patents for several different types of touch screen interfaces.

A number of the patents have illustrations that show what looks like dual screen tablets to show off what Microsoft has in mind for new kinds of touch screen interfaces. One of them shows how you can hold an icon on the right screen and then tap on the left screen in order to move the icon from the right to the left screen. Another one of the patents shows how you might hold a document on one side of the screen with your finger and then slide your finger on the other screen in order to "bookmark" the page you are reading on the first screen.

All of these patent filings show that Microsoft is taking the touch screen interface that Apple made popular with its iOS devices more seriously. We should see a lot more of this kind of interface when Microsoft reveals more about Windows 8 at the BUILD conference in September.

Image via Microsoft

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I hope to God that this will be something like "Courier" was going to be (and no I am not a muslim)
When the word came out about the Microsoft Courier and Mr. Ballmer came out with a "NORMAL" tablet EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was bitterly disappointed BIGTIME.
And then HP was going to come out with a Windows 7 tablet and everyone WANTED it to be the "Courier" and it wasn't EVERONE was NOT (repeat NOT) excited one little bit, and so Apple has gone on their own merry way thumbing their noses at people who wanted a Windows tablet.
Maybe this time we might get what we want. The "Courier" was going to be big for two reasons.
1. It was Windows and not Apple
2. It was tablet that could be used for business that was small enough to fit in the inside pocket of your suit jacket.
10" tablets are just too big to carry around, the idea with the "Courier" was you had a 10" but it was folded up and only took up half the space. Until Nokia or Samsung or whoever do this there will not be a "viable" competitor to the iPad.

Don't you guys think that there is a high probability that it will be brought back through Nokia?

I recall a quote by Steph Elop mentioning something about going against the grain and not releasing the 201 tablet.

This was prior to the announcement of the new Windows 8 interface.

I think this will be Nokias trump card. A dual screen booklet type device running on an ARM chip.

rippleman said,

I still don't get the importance of it... so hes married... am i missing something here? Don't married men in the US wear rings there? or is it unusual?

Guys do wear rings here, I don't know what FMH is on about.

FMH said,
This funny. In the diagram, the 'man' is wearing a wedding ring.
Look at his left hand.
the guy who made the sketch is married? haha