Microsoft Flight to take off February 29

Microsoft's return to the flight simulator game genre now has an official launch date. The Microsoft Flight web site has announced that the game will be available to download for PC users on February 29. The game comes with a free-to-pay portion along with a paid downloadable expansion.

The game, which serves as a reboot of the long running Microsoft Flight Simulator series, will allow gamers to pilot the experimental ICON A5 aircraft. In addition, Microsoft will give players two extra planes to fly at launch that can be purchased via Games For Windows Live. The first is the Maule M-7-260C single engine aircraft for 1200 Microsoft Points. The other is the classic WWII fighter the P-51 Mustang which can be purchased for 640 Microsoft Points.

The free version of the game will allow players to fly over the big island of Hawaii. The Adventure Pack, which will be available at launch for 1600 Microsoft Points, will add the entire Hawaiian Island chain to Microsoft Flight. along with new challenges, 20 new missions, and yet another aircraft, the home built Vans RV-6A.

Microsoft has promised to add more planes, challenges and missions to Microsoft Flight in the coming months, both for free and via Microsoft Points.

Image via Microsoft

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So Flight Sim X you got the whole world and around 25 aircraft for I think it was $50. Flight you get 1 island and 1 aircraft then they are going to nickel and dime you to death to add onto it (although not really nickel and dime as 1600 points for the rest of hawaii is around $19). By the time you get to the same level as Flight Sim X you'll probably have spent 4-5 times as much.
Not sure I'm liking this approach to selling a game.

I hope they just sell an "Elite Aviator" pack with the whole world and all planes that you can just buy and be done with. I want to be able to fly in the Caribbean with DX11 goodness darnit.