Microsoft Game Studios - Brewing Something New?

Recently a survey was sent to those registered for Microsoft Game Studios betas on Microsoft Connect. The survey was from the Games User Research group. The email (along with other little details) states:
By filling out this survey, you'll be helping inform the development of a new MGS sponsored title and the MGS Beta program! We are asking that you follow the link to the online survey below and provide your open and honest feedback about some art concepts for an upcoming game.

Simple enough? Upon entering the survey, a little more information is told about this...
This "game" will be a game creator and provide a simple way to make your own games on the Xbox. Using just the Xbox controller, you can build worlds, populate them with characters, and give the characters unique behaviors. You can easily build racing games, platformers, and adventure games without touching a keyboard or leaving your couch.

What could this game be? Maybe this is a basic XNA for non programmers? Or is it a Sims like game, where instead of building houses and characters lives, you build the world? Either way, the idea sounds interesting.

Continuing into the survey, you are told you will be presented with several characters of which you will rate based on appearance (asked questions such as if they appear slow, powerful, smart, agile, and friendly, among others). This survey presented several concept characters that you can see below

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<sarcasm> yeah, GoW, the Halo series, Forza, PGR, Crackdown, Shadowrun, Kingdom Under Fire, Mass Effect - all huge flops....! </sarcasm>

(stevehoot said @ #11.1)
yeah, GoW, the Halo series, Forza, PGR, Crackdown, Shadowrun, Kingdom Under Fire, Mass Effect - all huge flops....!

Microsoft Game Studios made those games? That's news to me! :rolleyes:


I agree with some of the previous posters here that some of those characters look a lot like Pokemon, and the whole idea of this sounds like Little Big Planet. Maybe this is something Microsoft hopes will help them sell more 360s in Japan?

I see this as just the next step for XNA. The idea is simple really. Give them the basic ability to make something, and if they can get into it like that, then maybe they'll like to jump into the full XNA Studio and make something even better? I figure that this will target the younger and not the closer to 30yo gamers, so if you start making games at say, 15, and you really like it, then they've got you possibly hooked as a future XNA developer making XBLA titles and so on?

That's how I see it anyways. MS has always been about "developers, developers, developers".

Nice...sounds similar to spore...I haven't got the survey though. I thought I was part of the games beta program too ^