Microsoft gave Xbox One consoles or games to a few faithful Xbox owners

A year ago, Microsoft celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Xbox Live service by giving free specially painted versions of its Xbox 360 console to a select few long time users of the service. Today, word has gotten out that the company is making a similar good gesture to a tiny number of Xbox fans with either a free Xbox One game or, for an elite few, a free Xbox One console itself.

Computer and Video Games reports that Microsoft started sending out emails and today to that privileged group, which were picked based on things like their Gamerscore and their length of time on Xbox Live. As you can see from the image above, some people got codes to unlock all eight fighters for the revival of Rare's fighting game "Killer Instinct" on the Xbox One, which would normally cost $20.

Some people, such as the one mentioned in this Twitter exchange, got a code to claim a Xbox One console:

There's no word on how many people received this gift but it's almost certainly a small fraction of the total Xbox gaming population. 

Source: Computer and Video Games | Images via Microsoft

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We raped your wallet for over a decade with a useless $50 payment a year for absolutely nothing. Here's a free XBoner!

I was in the original Xbox Live beta in the US and still have that orange memory card and headset bag they gave out but I never get any of these free giveaways other then that stupid avatar helmet for 10 years. It is probably for people that spend big bucks every year on Xbox Live arcade games and things MS can track since they want these people to keep spending on the new console as well.

Well, I am going to be a hater since I did not get one. I've been on XBL (with a gamertag under 4 characters) since inception and one of the first to get Halo on the original Xbox. Furthermore, I reserved a Day One Xbox and I got nothing. LOL So I am a hater. LOL  Nevertheless, I am happy for those few who received a notice.

Alexander Nevrmind said,
Nope, because the x360 came out in 2005. How would I have a 10 year one to trade?

He (or she) meant one of the special Xbox 360 consoles given to people to commemorate 10 years of Xbox Live.

historypsi said,
Then you should have gotten the 10 year anniversary Xbox 360, I'll trade you my Day One Edition for it!

Never got one.

FlintyV said,
You're kidding right?
Most of the Xbox Live / Xbox One TV stuff is now aimed at the US.

that is more about licensing though isnt it? I would still like a free game..

I'd have liked my Xbox One to have done stuff the US one does but it's not going to happen for at least a while. I'm fully onboard the PlayStation 4 train. Seems they actually care about countries outside of the US and not fob them off with a free game.

Who cares about Europe? This is MERICA dammit! XBOX, NFL, EA, SPORTS, DOGS, MOUNTAIN DEW, RATTATATATATATAAAA... /s

(I should quit posting late at night)