Microsoft Gears Up Windows for Devices

Operating system maker Microsoft is currently working hard on delivering the next version of Windows Embedded CE in November and on tapping the lucrative market for service-enabled devices. Kevin Dallas, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Embedded Business group, said the company plans to launch Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 on Nov. 15 at the Embedded Technology 2007 show in Yokohama, Japan, known as one of the "world's largest trade show[s] and conference for embedded system designers and managers."

The new operating system will be the foundation for service-oriented devices, Dallas told eWEEK in an interview. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will feature support for Web services on devices, VOIP (voice-over-IP) video technology capabilities and Internet Explorer updates. "We're clear on the opportunity moving forward and we're going to deliver an operating system to go into an intelligent device," Dallas said.

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PureLegend said,
AFAIK Embedded != Mobile

I think you're right for the most part. Windows Embedded is a cut down and modifide version of the desktop version of Windows.

While Mobile is all around different, maybe just sharing a bit from the kernel?

It's hard to understand because the article says Windows Embedded CE. I always figured CE was different from Embedded to begin with.

There are two Windows Embedded versions, one that's based on the normal desktop Windows and another that's based on Windows CE (the platform behind Windows Mobile). Oh and Windows Embedded isn't cut down in itself; it includes all features from normal Windows that you can choose from to make your own system.

You know, that might just be the next marketing slogon for Kleenex: "Our unique microfiber construction and unparalleled softness come together in the next great tissue revolution. We proudly introduce: the Micro-Soft." :P